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Seamingly's style blog is a compilation of every day people interviewed and photographed by Seamingly's contributors. We want to know what people are all about and how they translate that into their every day style. Along with interviews on style, we will also feature posts from our own contributors, four east coast girls, one east coast boy - spread across North and South Carolina with one South Carolina Native now Los Angeles lady. We are always looking to engage with new people and gain new perspectives. If you've got a style post that you would like to share with us, be sure to scroll down to look at what we've got and don't stop until you get to the bottom!


Personal Style

Summer's last look: The Rogue Collective

Queue warm colors for the Fall



Seamingly's beauty blog is open to all contributor's, but our especially frequent bloggers are Carly and Christine. Two ladies with vivid hair and make-up on the regular. Scroll around for tutorials, reviews, and tips.


Hey There Beauty

Revlon Color Stay Brow Kit &

Salon Slant Tweezer: Product Use

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation: First Reactions



Self is a place where our bloggers share prose, essays, and thoughts in general on life experiences. We believe that a huge part of caring for yourself and a number one interest in our books is being vulnerable and communicating life's highs and lows. Join Tiffany on her Me, Meet Me Series, Christine's frequent self posts from life in L.A., Darious' new adventures as a photographer and Kristen's series of introspection on relationships. 


In the Self section


Hate has no place #chartlottesville

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.49.55 PM.png


fighting for intentionality


Records on Repeat

Records on Repeat is our new space for sharing the music that gets us through the day, week, month or year; whatever kind of time it was. Check out our posts to find new music, listen to it for free, and read about what music is helping us through.



Seamingly introduces the Living Section! It's our first ode to self expression in the home, or living space. Our personal sanctuaries are as precious as our favorite travel destinations, the clothes we decorate our bodies with, and the food that we eat. This part of Seamingly is going to cover a wide range of ideas in the future. For now, the Living Section will be telling the story of those that let us join them in their journey towards creating their ideal space to be. 


Here and living


"I remember knowing I wanted a place to feel like it was my home, like a sanctuary, and knowing there were all these great other apartments all around me that did capture that, and I truthfully think I had my head way too far up my own ass to actually get to know who I was, let alone create a space around me that was a reflection of that. I mean, I was truly inside my head the entire time I lived in that city. I was so obsessed with fitting in, finding a place in that jungle, being a success, that i never stopped myself to be like, 'you're eighteen years old, you can chill, and just learn what you like.' Thus, every space I lived in was sterile as hell, very uninspired." -Molly

Your Next Coffee Obsession: Disasa Buna Ethiopian Coffee

"...I got to thinking: do I really want to ingest coffee from companies that pump their drinks with sugar and creamer and dairy with only a small percentage of the drink actually consisting of coffee? And on that same note, the coffee is made so commercially that it's not even carefully crafted for every cup, but instead watered down and not very strong. Don't I drink coffee for the taste and caffeine?

So I made a decision to drink more coffee at home starting at the beginning of the year and that all the coffee I made for myself would be plain black- no sugar or creamer. I used to drink 3 cups of black coffee a day in high school. I could do it again, right?"