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"I remember knowing I wanted a place to feel like it was my home, like a sanctuary, and knowing there were all these great other apartments all around me that did capture that, and I truthfully think I had my head way too far up my own ass to actually get to know who I was, let alone create a space around me that was a reflection of that. I mean, I was truly inside my head the entire time I lived in that city. I was so obsessed with fitting in, finding a place in that jungle, being a success, that i never stopped myself to be like, 'you're eighteen years old, you can chill, and just learn what you like.' Thus, every space I lived in was sterile as hell, very uninspired." -Molly

Your Next Coffee Obsession: Disasa Buna Ethiopian Coffee

"...I got to thinking: do I really want to ingest coffee from companies that pump their drinks with sugar and creamer and dairy with only a small percentage of the drink actually consisting of coffee? And on that same note, the coffee is made so commercially that it's not even carefully crafted for every cup, but instead watered down and not very strong. Don't I drink coffee for the taste and caffeine?

So I made a decision to drink more coffee at home starting at the beginning of the year and that all the coffee I made for myself would be plain black- no sugar or creamer. I used to drink 3 cups of black coffee a day in high school. I could do it again, right?"