10 Ways To Spice Up Your Space

Having a place that you are always comfortable in is one of the most important things when you come home for the day. If you recently just moved into a new room, or if you’re trying to spice up your old space, here are a few tips to help you create the room of your dreams:

1.     Throw It Out

Common sense says that when you’re moving into a new space, or rearranging an old space for the better, you may want to consider cleaning a little bit. So, first and foremost, throw it out. I’m saying out with the old, in with the new. My suggestion is to go through all the stuff in your room, and throw away all the crap you don’t need: old receipts, broken clothes hangers, love notes from your fourth-grade boyfriend, etc. Bag up the old clothes you haven’t worn in over a year and hand them over to Goodwill (great for tax write-offs). Purge your space! I promise you will feel lighter, and your room with thank you for it.


2.     Decide on a Vibe

Decide on a vibe and stick with it. Do you want to come home and feel relaxed? Do you want to always be warm and cozy? How do you want to feel?

When I was creating my own room space, I wanted to come home and feel relaxed. I wanted a space I where I could think. A space where I could unwind from the day and essentially “cool” myself off. So here I am surrounded by the deepest shade of blue and dark, icy room accents.

There are a lot of options out there, so I advise doing a little research. Would a new plant give you that rainforest vibe you've been searching for, or would a new air filter that takes essential oils give you the zen vibe you need to calm down at the end of the day? Could a vintage record player get you the 70's vibe you've been channeling in your clothing? What about a books? Candles! Incense!

The point is there are loads of options, and the more you know how you want to feel at home, the better off you’ll be at picking your specific vibe. Explore yourself! Don’t rush the process because rushing leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to disappointments.

So, stop. Think.

What is your vibe?


3.     Go With a Color Theme

When I was first deciding on what I wanted my own room to be like, I had to stop and think about what would suit me best. I thought about it for a long time. I mean, I made multiple trips to Home Depot until I settled on two gallons of some teal blue color, only to bring it home and decide that it was way too immature of a color to give my 24-year old self. So, I did a lot of exploring in that sense, until I came across what I know now as the perfect shade of dark blue that fits me. In that moment, I felt a lot like Beyoncé when she was trying to decide on the perfect name for her child, and then thought of Blue Ivy. Go figure.

4.     Go Up

I made my room seem bigger by going up instead of filling space on the floor. Books and other collectibles sit on a couple of shelves on my wall (I got mine here), while my roommate breaks up her wall space in her room by raising her bed on platforms (get those here). Do you love plants? Here is a great place to find hanging plants that are an easy install to your ceiling. Like these:

Find a way to elevate things in your room. Your room will seem more full, and it will declutter your floor space too.


5.     Go With Paint

There are a couple of different ways to paint your space depending on what kind of paneling you have in your room or your dimensions. For example, if it’s a smaller room divided by white crowning, you can paint everything (even the trim) to make the walls look longer and less sectioned off. If you want a clear separation between the walls and the ceiling, then paint the walls and leave the trim white. The best thing to do is to decide on a color and commit to the process. Painting your room will add that little extra touch of character you needed to make your personal space just that, personal.

6.     Make It Personal

Speaking of making it personal, let’s talk about that for a minute. When I say, “make it personal”, I could mean to hang up your favorite Batman poster above your bed, or fill your wall space with photo collages of you and your family. Do you collect trinkets every time you visit a new place? Dedicate a shelf to having your mementos on display. Are you obsessed with monkeys? Go get a monkey stuffed animal and throw it on your bed. 

Something that I do with my space is whenever I get a letter from back home I always hang it up on the corkboard right above my desk. It’s a little reminder of home and it helps remind me that there are still people back there who think about me.

You have the power to make your space anything you want it to be because your space is just that: your space. Figure out what you like, and run with it. I know I did.


7.     Celebrate Art

One of my favorite art pieces comes from a series created by Vincent Van Gogh called Sunflowers,


I’m a huge fan of art and museums, so when I see a piece I like, I try to find a decent copy of it for my room. Finding pieces you like will help fill up the empty space in your walls, and also remind you that there is still beauty left in this world. So get on Google, do some research, order some prints, and get to hangin.


8.     Create A Work Space

The most annoying thing I can say about work is that sometimes you have to bring it home with you.

Being comfortable, while also trying to do work can be a hard task to accomplish if you don’t have the right workspace to be productive. The good part is that you don’t have to make your place of rest (a.k.a. your bed) a work space too. Creating your own workspace means that working from home will be a lot more bearable and also less stressful at the same time.

So let’s start with the basics: a desk. Once I decided on the vibe of my room and its color scheme, it was a lot easier to specifically narrow down my search for the perfect desk. I wanted something that could hold books, but also could be a great space to write and work on creative projects. So see where I’m going? I went with a really beautiful desk that I found here, but my advice? Shop around! You can find hundreds of options on this site or at any other furniture site like Ikea, Pier1, or CB2. Go with your vibe, and then get shit done! In the end, you’ll be happy your work life and personal life are balanced and separated, no matter how many times you end up bringing your work home with you.


9.     Get a Water Carafe

This one is easy. I get thirsty in the middle of the night, I drink out of my water carafe. My plants need watering, they drink out of my water carafe. I come home drunk as piss after a night out with my friends, I drink out of my water carafe. It will stay full on my nightstand until the day I die. What is a water carafe? Look it up here. Buy one here. You’re welcome.


10.  Switch Up the Lighting

Lighting can make or break your bedroom perfection, so take some time to think about what you want for yourself. If the vibe you decided on is light and airy with whites and bright colors, then maybe you want to go with white bulbs in your overhead lighting fixture. If you decided on a warm and comfy cozy vibe for your bedroom, then maybe you should go with more yellow toned bulbs in a couple of floor lamps scattered around your room.

Lighting really depends on how you want to feel, and how much you want to be able to visibly see in your room. If you’re like me, then you’ll want a combination of things: bright lights for your overhead, string lights around the top of your bed for getting cozy at night, and a moon night-light to hang above your bed to keep away the nightmares. Get creative! I got my string lights here. And my moon night light that hangs above my bed here. There are tons of different light fixtures and options online, so do your research and get to ordering!

Christine Severin