Five Simple Ways to Have a Happy Birthday!

Hey everyone! So I just turned 22 (cue T. Swift) last Wednesday and I've always been a really big  "birthday person." When I was younger, I stressed myself out every year because I always wanted the PERFECT birthday. It happens in movies, why not real life? As I've gotten older, I've realized that not only is that not realistic but it also takes away from the fun and happiness of the day. So I've come up with a few different tips on how to achieve a fulfilling day that will guarantee you a "Happy Birthday!" 

  1. Do what YOU enjoy. Whether it is watching a Harry Potter marathon with your dog or going on a beach trip to Charleston, do what you want! It's your day! This year for my birthday I took some photos for Seamingly and drank some beer in the sun. We finished the day off by making grilled cheeses at my house (yum!) and just hanging out. Basically all of my favorite things combined into one day and it was awesome. 
  2. Surround yourself with the people you love. This is the best way to guarantee you have a great birthday. For me, I don't really care what I'm doing as long as I'm with my friends. Make sure that the people you care about (friends, family, pets, whatever) are available to spend some time with you on or around your birthday. It will make the day a lot more special and you can also take a lot of pictures to look back on later! 
  3. Eat a lot of good (or crappy) food. Want gourmet? Get it. Want to eat a bunch of junk food? Do it. This is the one day that you can ignore calories or prices and eat whatever you want. 
  4. Don't stress yourself out on the imperfections. My birthday is always around graduation/finals and it can make it really difficult to get everyone together. While this sucks, it happens, and it is no ones fault! Be thankful for the people who ARE available to celebrate with you. Did a beach trip fall through last minute? Go to the Dollar Store, buy some floats, and act like your neighborhood pool is the ocean! Did your dinner reservations fall through? Make a quick trip to the grocery store and do an impromptu cookout instead! Have fun and make sure to remain stress free. Looking back on the day, you will be a lot happier that you went with the flow instead of stressing about the things you can't change. 
  5. Reflect on the past year. This is the most important in my mind because it is how we continue to evolve and flourish as individuals. Look back on the year and think about what you can improve, what risks you want to take next year, who you are grateful for, etc. Thinking analytically about your life will help your relationships but even more importantly, yourself! It is YOUR day after all. ;) 

If you have a birthday coming up, check out this list and keep some of these tips in mind! They make for a carefree day that you'll surely remember. Thanks for reading and keep posted for our new #WCW post that will be live tomorrow!