Summer Goals: Bond With Your Best Friend


It was the Monday before last and I was talking to my best friend, Marissa, about how Bonnaroo was coming up that weekend. We talked about how we both kinda wanted to go but didn't buy tickets because of lack of money and interest in the lineup. The conversation soon spiraled into us not having anything to do that week and how we wanted to get out of Columbia. We were experiencing some hella wanderlust and quickly decided that we would go on a three day camping trip in Saluda, North Carolina. We both grew up camping and figured it'd be fun to have some best friend bonding time, so off we went! Want to do something similar with your bestie? Here are some tips to ensure that you and your best friend have the ultimate Summer bonding experience: 

  • Do something you both enjoy: Marissa and I both love spending time outdoors, especially when beer, burgers, and smores are involved. Going on a camping trip was the perfect thing to keep us both happy and entertained. Do y'all love going to shows? Get tickets to see y'all's favorite band! Do you both consider yourselves foodies? Plan to go to a food truck festival together! If it is something you both enjoy, it'll be way more fun and it can also turn into an annual thing that you both do in order to spend some extra time together! 
  • Chat it up! Whether it is ranting about work, playing the question game, or sharing embarrassing stories, use the time you guys have together to make one another laugh or lend an ear. Friendships are built on communication, so get to chattin'!
  • Sing alongs. Forever and always. Play some music that you can both get into. I have a Spotify playlist titled "Highschool \m/" that is oozing angst from the scene days, Marissa and I jammed the playlist the whole car ride there and back. We had a blast trying to remember all the lyrics while also laughing at how awesomely overdramatic we all were in high school (if you are listening to the song linked on this post, you know what I'm talking about.)
  • Matching souvenirs: Okay, I'm totally a nerd but I think this is always a good idea. When I went to the beach, Alicia and I got matching baseball caps. When I went camping, Marissa and I got matching hippie shirts. Not only is it fun to match, but you have something to remember the trip by! 

All of these tips aside, the main thing to remember is to appreciate the time you get to spend with your best friend. Sometimes it's really easy to get caught up in the drama of your everyday life or get sucked away in a friend group and forget to spend some one-on-one time with the people you love. Taking some time apart from reality and doing something special with your best friend will strengthen your friendship and create awesome, lasting memories for the years to come (even if it the memory is the awful poison ivy you two got while adventuring for firewood.) This Summer, I encourage you all to pull your best friend to the side and plan something special. 

All the love,