5 Things to Try: An Advice Affair with #GirlBoss Articles

When I need advice I've got mom, I've got friends, I've got family, and thanks to the internet I've got GirlBoss, a blog created by Sophia Amorouso, the former CEO of Nastygal. While Nastygal filed bankruptcy in 2016 and Amorouso tackled divorce she didn't stop fighting for #GirlBoss's all over the world. She instead picked up and kept creating according to her passions which is how GirlBoss came about, just a year or so prior to the news of Nastygal. Reading the articles curated by the GirlBoss team is one of my top priorities in the form of self-care. Since life advice is something I'm never without a need for and as a person who started freelancing at a young age GirlBoss advice is something that I'm also never without a need for. From the fun stuff of Horoscopes and music to complicated truths of a 20 something's youth, finances. GirlBoss is covering it all. Here are some top five quick reads that took no time to find during my Saturday morning routine on the couch:


1) Playlist: Put these Rad Girl Groups of the 60's on high rotation RN

"The '60s produced some of the sweetest pop tunes of all time, but the era's doo wop-fuelled girl groups and all-female garage bands didn't shy away from real world themes or rebelliousness."


2) Holiday Horoscope: December Kicks off with a Major Mercury Retrograde

"Ugh 2017, amirite?! This year ends like it started; intense. Now, Mercury will be retrograde from December 2 to 22, creating both annoying roadblocks and healing opportunities."


3) 31 Acts of Necessary Self-Care (That Cost Literally Nothing)

"Being kind to yourself is one of those things that sounds easy in theory but difficult in practice. So here's 31 tried and tested self-care acts that'll give you an instant dose of self-love."


4) How Being "Rebellious and Lazy" Paved the Way for this Creative Pioneer

On wrestling with self-doubt yesterday, today, and tomorrow:

“I’ve been struggling so much all my life with that pressure to be 'accomplished,' whatever the fuck that means.”

On the chilled-out definition of “success” she’s found later in her career:

“To me, success is that sense of healing myself and finding out why I’m here.”

On having a complicated personality:

“I’m very patient. I’m very soft and all that, but when something drives me crazy, I just explode.”

On that ever-illusive work-life balance:

"What I want to be is happy. I want to be creative, I want to have nice friendships. Work, for me is a part of that—it should be happy."


5) 5 Online Cooking Courses that will Legit Make You a Happier Person

"It's well established that eating delicious food makes you happier. But a recent study shows that making food can also cook up joy in your life."


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