Halloween Makeup - Clown

It’s the week of Halloween and I automatically knew what look I wanted to present to you all. I’ve always thought clowns were super creepy, this is why I attempted a different clown look last year. This year I wanted to test my technique, so I tried the look again using different products and I also went a little darker in style. I also thought clown makeup would be appropriate because of the controversy surrounding clown sightings all over the US, including my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina. This makeup follows suit of the creepy clown happenings but be careful if you decide to go with clown makeup this year! We’ve definitely got some clown hunters out and about. Anyway, let’s get started on the step-by-step tutorial for this Halloween look.

1)    You want to start with your base. This will include foundation, setting powder, contour, blush, and highlight. You want to make sure you have a heavy coverage of foundation, eliminating all unevenness of skin tone. Then set this foundation, especially under the eyes, with setting powder of any brand. Once you start the contour process, make sure you go heavier than you would for normally. You want the shadows of your face to be very dramatic because we are definitely going for a spooky look. Add some blush above the highlight but make sure its not too heavy because that shouldn't be the focus of the look. Finish with some light highlighter and then we can move on!

2)    Next we move onto the brows. If you are using the same color scheme as me, you want to fill in your brows with a black shade. I don’t have a black eyebrow pencil, so I just used a random matte shade out of one of my eye shadow palettes. Honestly, any black shade will do. Fill in your brows like you normally would but make the edges sharp because we’re going for the dramatic!

3)    Next we move onto the eye shadow. I wanted my eyes to be pretty dark because I find it spookier… But I didn’t want to be an ugly clown, so of course ya girl added some glitter in there. I primed my eyelids with MAC’s paintpot in Painterly. Whatever primer you use, just make sure you cover all of your lid. I then went in with a light white shade over the brow bone and crease to lighten up my features and to create an easier base for blending. I then went in with Makeup Geek shades, using Sidekick high up on the crease and then the shade Bitten right underneath Sidekick on my crease. Make sure these shades are blended completely. I then patted a black matte shade all over my lid. You want this shade to be concentrated and very dark because it'll be the base for the glitter. After this, I used a random Glitter Injections sample that is black and silver, all over the lid using Too Faced glitter glue. You may want to apply the glitter a few times to ensure even coverage. (Side note: MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING COSMETIC GLITTER! I’ve said this before but I always remind people of this because not using cosmetic grade glitter can seriously injure your eyes.)

4)    After your eyes are fierce as fuck, we’ll move on what actually makes this makeup clown-ish. I drew the shapes under my eyes and above my brow first with eyeliner. This will help keep your lines crisp and makes it a lot easier when you go to fill in the shapes. After you are happy with your placement, fill in the shapes with either black eyeshadow or a black face paint. I’m using the MUFE Flash Color Palette but NYX just released some affordable face paints if you want a cheaper option. If you use a cream product to fill in the shapes, make sure you set it with a black eyeshadow. This way, the makeup will hold up longer throughout the night.

5)    Next, you will want to move onto the mouth. You want really sharp lines here because this is the creepiest part of the whole look. Use a lip liner (I’m using MAC nightmoth) and draw the shape that you see on my mouth. You want to line your lips like regular and then curl up, with sharp points on each end of the mouth. After you are satisfied with the shape, fill it in with a liquid lipstick so you are free to drink all night without ruining your makeup. I’m using KVD Liquid Lipstick in Damned.

6)    The final step is to draw the lines on your neck. Just like with the shapes around the eyes, you’ll want to use eye shadow (make sure you are using a good primer or base) or face paint. I used a flat paintbrush for this and just steadily brushed one line down my neck. I switched between white and black because I found it less messy than doing black and then filling in the white. Remember that if you are using a cream product to achieve this, that you set the product with some sort of powder. I used basic white and black matte eye shadow to set my neck. After this, you are done! Now you are a creepy but strangely attractive clown. ;)

I also wanted to take a moment to thank reddit user /u/atrobro for doing an ink wash of my Halloween look! You can see her other work on her instagram, under the username of Atropius. Thanks again for drawing me Jessica, you are awesome! I hope everyone enjoys this post and keep a look out for more Halloween looks coming this weekend.

All the love, Carly