Four Ways to Spice up Your Eye Shadow

1. Under Eye Dots

The under eye dot trend is something that I have seen a lot of recently online and in various makeup forums. It is definitely a little more unique than the other looks that I’ll be blogging about but I think that it would make a night out look a lot more interesting. You can recreate this look with any basic eyeliner but liquid or gel will help you achieve neater and more round dots. I have seen some switch out the black liner for white or lavender. That would be a really easy variation that would be cute for Spring!


2. White Eyeliner Accents

This is a more toned down look that will still add some flare to any basic eye shadow look. For this look I used NYX’s white liner along the sides of my wings. Any white liner should do the trick though! With doing something like this, you want to make sure you aren’t going over your black liner with the white. You want to leave room for the white liner because going over the black can leave you with a grey streak instead or will blacken your white liner. I really love adding white liner to various looks because I think it brightens up your eyes and adds a touch of playfulness to your makeup. Since this look isn’t very off the wall, you could wear it daily (unless you must have neutral make up in your work place) or out on the town. For a variant of the look above, you could use pastel pinks or purples to give you a Spring, flowery look.


3. Add Glitter 

Before I start off, I would like to say that I am using cosmetic grade glitter. If you love your beautiful lil’ eyeballs and want to continue practicing makeup, PLEASE do not use craft glitter. It could really damage your eyes. I am using a sample glitter from Glitter Injections and Too Faced Glitter Glue to adhere it. You are going to want to put a light coat of glitter glue (any brand should work) on your eyelid and then with a dense, flat brush you are going to pat the glitter onto your lid. You want to make sure that you concentrate this to just the lid and a little higher than your lash line if you are using eyeliner. If you put the glitter too far out or too close to your lash line, it will create bumps in your eyeliner later on. This will add a bit of glam to any simple eye shadow placement and will make your eyes sparkle in the light.


4. Add Some Color 

Last but not least, add some color to your lower lash line to brighten up your makeup! I am using the Radioactive Stack by Melt Cosmetics (which you saw in my Valentine’s day post). I placed the neon green shadow in the inner corner and blended it out to the orange. While this is vibrant and interesting for a summer look, you can definitely achieve something similar by replacing the colors or using a single shadow/eyeliner. I have smudged purple eyeliner out before and it made my brown eyes pop a bit more. You could also use a navy shadow smoked out to add a bit of color to a smoky eye. Play with the colors and see what works out best for you! No matter what color you choose, it will spice up any simple eye shadow look. 


If you happen to try any of these looks, #seaminglyblog so we can feature you on the page. Also, comment below if there is something particular you would like to see featured in Beauty next. 


Thank you so much for reading this post! I will see you guys back here in the beauty section next week.  <3