Review - NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights

Summer is in full swing and this is the season that a lot of people want to experiment with bright, colored eye shadow. What says fun more than adorning your eyes with vivid colors? While there is a good bit of options for colored palettes, many of them are from prestige brands that are too expensive if you don’t wear colored eye shadow that often. NYX recently released their Ultimate Shadow palette that comes in a few different styles, one of which features an array of vibrant colors named Brights. The palette can be found online and offers sixteen shades ranging from pinks to blues. The palette is only $18, which is really cheap for such a variety of colors. Personally, I know that I don’t use bright colors very often so this seemed like a great deal! It gives me plenty of options but I’m not shelling out a ton of cash on colors that I will only reach for every now and then. 

I just want to start off my mini review by saying that I adore this palette. It comes in a sleek, black packaging with peek-a-boo windows that allows you to see the colors. The shades are mostly matte (which I prefer) but some have a slight shimmer to them. One thing I do not like about this palette is that they don't name the shades. This is very common with NYX palettes and it is very frustrating when trying to explain certain looks to readers. Other than that, the colors are very pigmented, which is exactly what you would want from these shades. There are a few that needed some build up but only a few (orange-yellow, pale yellow, and bright green) out of all the sixteen shades. In my mind, only 3/16 shades being a little more difficult to work with is better than some of the prestige palettes I own. When it comes to texture, I think that all of these shades blend pretty easily. The pinks, purples, and blues especially because they seem to be the creamier shades in the palette. While the orange and yellow take more work to show up, they blend easily whenever I use it as a crease shade to warm up my brown eye shadow looks. Overall, I would definitely recommend this palette. It is cheap, small enough to travel with, and surprisingly good quality for the low price point. If you don’t fool around with color too much or are looking for a vivid beginner’s palette, I would definitely look into this.

To show off what you can do with this palette, I wanted to start with a full blown vibrant look featuring some glitter by Glitter Injections (this brand became a bit controversial after my purchase, so I encourage you do some research and form your own opinion before purchasing). I've always leaned more towards pinks than blues, so I started off using mainly the upper half of the palette. I used the orange-based yellow as my crease shade and I went ahead and blended it out on the bottom lid as well. I then used the orangey-pink color in the first row of the palette as my lid shade. I then smoked out the second pink in the first row all over my crease and above the yellow on my lower lid. Then I dabbed the first purple in the second row onto my outter V to add some definition. The final touch on this vibrant look was the glitter on the lid, which I applied with a flat brush and Too Faced's Glitter Glue. 

Although the palette is named Brights, I wanted the second look to be more toned down. I also went for something completely outside of my comfort zone: color blocking and no eyeliner. Normally I blend until my hands fall off but I was actually really pleased with the color blocking look. I also tried it without any eyeliner, to keep the look toned down and neutral, which also worked out surprisingly well. For this look, I used the rusted orange from the first row on my crease. I then covered my lid in the pastel blue from the third row. After that, I used the pastel purple from the second row and smoked that out on my crease and lower lid. I then used the third shade from the second row to define my outer V. I was really pleased with this look, it reminds me of a weird sunset over water. :) 

Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful to anyone looking for a vibrant eye shadow palette. If you decide to get this palette, show me your looks and get featured on our instagram by hashtagging #seaminglyblog.