Kiss Me I'm Irish- St. Patty's Day Inspired Lip

Alright guys, so here we are approaching St. Patty's Day, and what better way to show your love for ol' St. Pat than by rocking an Irish inspired look? I wanted to use golds and greens that reminded me of clovers and shiny pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. So let's put on some Irish tunes and as the Irish say, "Erin Go Bragh:

1. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer- $36 at

First and foremost, let's prime. This guy is my go-to primer and has been for many years now. This translucent formula glides on unbelievably well, and it gets rid of the appearance of fine lines and flaws. All those pesky oil patches that naturally pop up all over my face suddenly disappear when I use this stuff. All-in-all it preps my face beautifully, locks in my makeup and gives me a flawless finish.

Product Points: If you're looking for something that's fragrance free, this is YOUR PRIMER. You're welcome.


2. L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup- $10.99 at CVS

Color I use: Warm

So if you read my last post about My Drugstore Essentials, you'll know that I use this liquid foundation quite a bit. I figured I might be partaking in some traditional Irish festivities throughout the day, so I don't really want to wear a super heavy or cakey foundation especially if it's hot outside.  I can't get enough of it. I swear my skin glows when I use this stuff, and it's only $11 at your local drugstore. I know I've shown you guys before how well this foundation covers everything on the face, but just in case here's my point:


3. Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer- $34 at

Color I use: #6

I wanted to add just a touch of concealer for this look because I noticed I do have some small dark circles around my eyes, and this concealer does a great job of highlighting around the eyes to make you look wide awake. Apply just a couple of drops below the eyes and on any other parts of the face you'd like to highlight. Make sure to blend in the formula very well with a beauty blender. Voila:


4. Ben Nye Setting Powder (8oz.)- $17.95 on

Color I use: Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder

So when using a liquid foundation, I apply a thin layer all over my face to set it, and then apply a thicker layer right underneath my eyes to "bake" them and make that area of my face look a little brighter than normal (always looking for more ways to look alive). Using a setting powder makes things easier when I'm trying to apply my contour, any kind of highlight, etc. without making these extra little bits look super saturated and cakey on my face. Think of setting powder as your all over background on a canvas painting. You wouldn't start the painting without first setting the scene with a background, right? 

I love the Ben Nye Neutral Set Setting Powder, and was actually given this particular tub of it by a friend who told me to use it cautiously. What she meant was that this particular tub and color are super white, and show up super white on the skin. If you're not careful applying too much can give you a reverse five o'clock shadow. It's also a little messy to apply and can get everywhere so just be aware of that. Once I learned how to best use this stuff, I decided I do actually like it a lot and am probably going to buy more, just maybe not in the translucent color because my skin tone is not that pale. 



5. bh cosmetics Contour & Blush Palette- $12 at

Color I use: Contour & Blush

I use an angled contour brush to swipe on the darkest shade in this palette from the top of my earlobe to the corner of my mouth. I usually like to make it pretty saturated so that I can blend it in and make a nice shadow for my cheekbones. It's my go-to contour color and it's SUPER CHEAP.


6. Using the Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Synthetic Buffing Brush - No 130 - $12.99 at Target we are going to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. I cut a very saturated contour line on my face earlier, and I just want to make sure that I don't look like a clown, so the best way to do that is blend with my brush until I'm satisfied.

I just found the Sonia Kashuk makeup line at Target, and all I've used are brushes and her eyebrow gel, but I really love it so far. Thinking of doing a product review on some of her stuff... what do you think?


7. Ben Nye Setting Powder (8oz.)- $17.95 on

Color I use: Neutral Set Colorless Face Powder


Once again, define that contour with more setting powder! Let it sit for a little bit to "bake" on your face. The longer you let it sit, the more defined your contour line will look. I like to use a brush with a little bit of an angle on it so that I can really get a straight line with my contour. The white line should go right under the contour line to create that shadowy effect and make your face look hella skinny. Kinda like this:


8. MAC Eyeshadow- $16 at

Colors I use: Goldmine & Gorgeous Gold

I LOVE GOLD EYESHADOW! Seriously, gold shadow is my jam. These two colors combined always get me the most compliments on my eyes and it always makes me feel great about myself. Something about the warm colors just really make the light brown in my eyes POP! I also love that this shadow goes really well with my Irish look because it gives me serious pot o' gold vibes. I'm usually into using this shadow combo when my hair is super curly and I'm feeling a lot like a lion. I use Goldmine in my crease, and then spread Gorgeous Gold allover the lid. This combo is definitely my power shadow. When I use it, I feel more confident and ready to seize the day.


9.  Using the Max Studio Powder Brush WIPE OFF THAT SETTING POWDER. So we have finally gotten to the point where the baking has done it's duty and we're ready to wipe that sh** off! Gently wipe underneath your eyes and get rid of all that excess powder we sloppily put on earlier. Then don't forget to also get rid of your reverse five o'clock shadow.


10. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel- $24 at

       Color I use: dark brown to black (cool)

This has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I use it to just gently fill in my brows and define my face a little. I don't like to use too much eyebrow gel during the day because I'll end up sweating it off especially if I'm drinking. So just swipe a little onto your brows and call it a day.


11. Swipe on some Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara- $23 at and hopefully your look will be close to something like this: 


12. NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream- $7.49 at CVS

Color I use: Electromagnetic

Time to complete our Irish themed look by adding a statement green lip. Usually when I'm looking to overdraw my lips I use matte colors because it stays in place with no smudging, and looks like a real lip when applied, but this time I decided to switch things up a little bit. I really like the NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream formula because it easily glides onto lips (hence the lip cream part), and it's also super pigmented so if you're looking to overdraw your lips just a little (I almost always overdraw on my upper lip because it's a baby caterpillar), but you're not fond of matte lippies in general, then maybe you should try out this lip cream. I will say that the color is fantastic, and as I wore this throughout the day, I only had to apply it once and that was just to the middle of my lips. 


13. Physician's Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls- $14.29 at CVS

Color I use: Biege Pearl

This is the move for highlighting. You guys saw it in my last post about Drug Store Essentials and you know that I am obsessed with highlighting every part of my face so that I look like a golden goddess. Since my eyes and makeup are generally warmer colors, I went with a warmer highlight to bring out the golden tones. Swipe this stuff on the bridge of your nose, top of cheekbones, and if you're like me go ahead and swipe some onto the center of your forehead and chin.


14. Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray- $31 at

Set your makeup for long- lasting coverage with Urban Decay's setting spray. This spray is seriously some magical makeup glue. Whenever I use it, I find that my makeup does not budge an inch all day. This specific spray is for oily skin, so it keeps makeup looking fresh, but matte all day.

Product Points: Best part is this setting spray is formulated in partnership with Skindinavia (which is the brand I usually use for setting spray because I get that stuff CHEAP at the makeup store), so if that doesn't give it some product points, then I don't know what will.



Well there you have it guys, my Irish inspired St. Patty's Day look. Hopefully this gave you a little inspo for the 17th, and really got the creative juices flowing for making an amazing St. Patty's Day inspired face. If you haven't checked out Carly's post, she shows you how to create a vivid green Irish look with a cut crease eye for the St. Pat's holiday. Link is here. Otherwise, I hope you guys have a safe time on ol' St. Paddy's Day and remember: Uber everywhere.



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Christine Severin