Luck of the Cut Crease

Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching and it is finally time for everyone who claims they’re 1/14th Irish to pull out the green clothing they never wear and chug a beer at whatever city-sponsored event is happening nearest you!  If you’re anything like me and hate human contact, you better make sure your green is noticeable.  This way, you can avoid some frat boy wearing a t-shirt saying “Kiss me, I’m Irish” pinching you in the middle of jamming to whatever totally American band you’re listening to.  Haha, okay, I’ll stop now.  On a real note, All Get Out is playing at St. Pats in Five Points this year so I will definitely be attending the cliché and actively participating as well.  All of my green clothing ranges from forest to army, nothing like the traditional Irish green that comes to mind.  BUT ya girl has a ton of makeup, so I’m just going to let my eyes do the talking.  If you want to recreate this cut crease, scroll down for step by step directions on how to replicate this look.  But first, I’m going to drop some knowledge about St. Patty’s day real quick so our makeup isn’t the only thing to blow people’s minds.

Three Facts About St. Patty's Day

  1. Lent restrictions on eating and drinking are lifted on Saint Patrick's day, this is how drinking became one of the main events of the celebration. Clearly this part has gotten a little out of hand but hey, it's a holiday. 
  2. The original color associated with the holiday is actually blue.  The "traditional" green you are used to did not become a thing until it was linked to the Irish Independence movement in the 18th century. So... this whole thing should probably be done with blue eyeshadow instead but I looked up the facts after I did the makeup SO DEAL WITH IT. 
  3. The shamrock is used as a symbol for the Holy Trinity.  Keep that in mind when you're puking in a weird alleyway this weekend. 

Step 1: Prime entire lid, as well as lower lash line. For this, I use MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. This a good primer if you struggle with transfer. 

Step 2: Start applying shadow by packing on a dark green shade in your crease. For this, you will want to start off with a flat brush. We will blend later, don't worry. The color I am using is out of the NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette in Brights. I've mentioned this palette multiple times before, it is my favorite affordable vivid palette. You can find my review here.  

Step 3: Using the lime green shade from the same NYX palette (or a lime green equivalent) you'll want to pack on the pigment right above the darker green you placed during step 2. Once you have placed the shadows, use circular motions to blend the shades together. Then use windshield wiper movements where the shadow meets the skin to blend the harsh line of the neon green. My personal favorite blending brush in the MAC 217. You've probably heard of this before and it's because it is a game changer, honestly. If you're a perfectionist, you can also go over the shadows again with a fluffy blending brush just to smooth everything together. I used shade Xenon from the Melt Radioactive Stack on a fluffy brush to add vibrancy while also blending the shadows out. I personally use the MAC 224 for this but any fluffy brush will do! 

Step 4: Define the lines. I cleaned up my lines with a concealer brush dipped in Painterly. After I felt like my lines were neat enough, I went in with the white liner. This is probably the most important part of the cut crease, as it separates the lid from the crease, while adding some drama too. Any white liquid liner will work for this because I find most are of similar quality anyway. Since you probably won't be using white liner much and it generally has a shelf life of twelve months, I recommend the NYX Liquid Liner. It is cheap and will get the job done. While applying the liner, you want to make sure you have a very steady hand. Place the liner above your physical crease so that it stays visible with your eyes open and it doesn't transfer when you blink.  You can fix any mistakes you make by using Painterly on a concealer brush. 

Step 5: Glitter time. Pack the same neon green shadow you used on the crease, onto the lid. Using a dense, flat brush I picked up Too Faced Glitter Glue. Then I used the brush with the glue on it to pick up glitter and apply it over the neon green shadow. I didn't have a mid-tone green glitter so I mixed a bright green and a darker green. Mine came from a sample I got from Glitter injections but any green glitter will do as long as it is cosmetic grade glitter. Don't lose an eyeball, people. When applying the glitter, you want to make sure to pat it instead of rubbing. This will keep the glitter concentrated in one area, which is what we want for this look. 

Step 6: Apply eyeliner! I use KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper, keeping it very close to my lash line and placing a light wing just underneath the layers of glitter and white liner. You want this to go with the flow of the other layers, so it looks cohesive. 

Step 7: On the lower lash line, use a method similar to what we started with. Pack the darker green shade close to the lower lash line and blend it out with the neon green shadow. Do this until it blends into the skin. Also, make sure to connect this to the black liner so it looks uniformed. 

Step 8: Curl your lashes and put on some mascara. My favorite mascara at the moment (it's always changing) is Too Faced Better Than Sex

Step 9: Rock that shit and slay every drunk bathroom selfie you take this weekend. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone looking for inspiration on what makeup to wear for Saint Patrick's day! Have a good weekend and please be safe, Uber is your friend. 

All the love,