Three Organic Brands for Skincare

"Why organic skincare?"

Organic natural skin care products are better for the environment because organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Fertilizers and chemicals all have a destructive effect on our water, soil, and health.

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There's something about adulthood and the stress it brings that reignited my acne, at 25, worse than it was in middle school and high school combined. This development meant my skincare routine had to become a serious testament to my self-care. No more falling asleep with make-up on (the worst) and no more drug store skin care with harmful chemicals. When I was in high school I only used drugstore products and my skin rarely detected the chemicals and abrasiveness. At 25 I had sensitive skin that was fighting back for what it deserves, which turns out to be - nonabrasive and organic products. 

After breaking the bank at Ulta, Sephora, and I'm not really sure as to how many other major retailers, I realized their expensive products weren't doing much of anything. One product would make my skin reasonably balanced and then not work the second time, one would dry it out completely, and then the moisturizers that I tried either caused a breakout or left my skin more oily than it was before.

I didn't really find balance until I decided to 'quit corporations' and try only organic skincare from Kleur Shop. I'd never tried organic skincare or considered it, but until 25 I didn't think that I needed to. Testing the products was easy. So easy. Nothing went wrong with any of them. HOW?!?! I'm not sure, I'm not a skincare connoisseur. I'm a sloppy, acne prone 27 yr old, with loads of stress and anxiety trying to hang out on my chin and forehead. I put it on the face, the face likes, I use it forever.

Here are the three brands that are saving my health inside out and outside in - one day at a time



1. Little Sey Salt Cures


Let's start with things I knew about tea: caffeinated, non-caffeinated, read the box to find out what it helps with, steep it in your hot water, call it a day.

What I now know about tea: loose-leaf organic teas taste significantly better and offers more than just the temporary calming effect of sipping on hot water. 

Trying one organic product spiraled into trying to replace everything I've ever used, to improve my health, with the organic version. Tea is something I've always turned to when I find myself stressed in the evenings, but it can serve more purposes than just stress relief. Working for healthy skin from the inside out is important too - and since this tea does that plus stress relief, it's a bit of a two-in-one so to speak.

Other things you should know:

1. Drinking tea when I wanted alcohol cut out my 'craving' for alcohol completely, that to me said a lot about why I was drinking

 2. Little Sey Salt Cures has teas and bath salts that help detox the body after drinking. So there's that. 

The three teas for me: 

  1. Lady Time Tea

  2. Digestive Wellness Tea

  3. Skin Soothe Tea     

These teas can be found at Kleur Shop.


2. Flynn & King 

How it began: It was summertime and I had been photographing for a short film. A short film that was happening on the side of a mountain in the blazing sun. My make-up, my sweat, and my exhaustion meant that I was doomed to get acne. While on the set a make-up artist pulled out an organic facial toner to spritz on one of the actresses. Seemed very glamorous, but I asked what it was about and I thought, this might be the product that I need to cool off and to help limit the acne that is trying to form. Plus, I can offer it to the people I'm shooting! Win, win!  

I later visited Kleur to see if they had it because they carry a few brands of organic skincare. Turns out they carried a Flynn & King 'Balance' facial toner with Aloe and Rose Geranium. I looked it up on Flynn & King's website, read about it, and gave it a try.

Review: I freaking love it and it smells like heaven, all of their products smell like heaven. I wanted to spray it on myself every chance that I got.

It did everything I needed it to do at shoots. I stopped getting acne from the make-up + the summer sun. My face felt phenomenal and I later started using it after applying my makeup to help set my hard work and it set it like a charm. I never want to be without this product. Balance it promised me and balance it gave me. I love it. 

Afterward, I was hooked on going to Flynn & King first with any knowledge of new skincare issues. Issue one, my body and face prefer bar soap for sensitive skin. At 16 I used drugstore body wash, at 21 I used Dove Soap for sensitive skin, and at 25 I had to take it one step further, but what is one step further than bar soap for sensitive skin? For me, that turned out to be organic clay, bar soap for sensitive skin. I tried replacing those products with 'Driftwood' Babbasu oil and pink clay soap. from F&K and that was that. It didn't dry my skin out and it's detoxing magic worked on my face and body. Two products with two uses each. I think that equates to four thumbs up, if only.

Second, face masks are a must since there is a special week every month in this ladies life where she has to sacrifice all comfort and skin control. During and before that week I keep my hormonal acne and oil production to its minimum by using F&K's 'Buff' facial exfoliant & mask with cleansing clays & coconut water.  I use it for a couple of different reasons, pre-emptively because it balances my oily skin and exfoliates like a dream and when I've not been as prompt on my pre-emptive process - I use it to spot treat. That's six thumbs up! Wahoooo and I'm not even done.

Lastly, my newest addition to my F&K family is 'Replenish' all over dry oil with kuikui nut and argan oil. I replaced drugstore body lotions with this organic oil to truly moisturize. A little bit of oil goes a long way and it's great for removing tricky waterproof make-up and moisturizing at the same time. And another trick that I learned from dear mom is to occasionally use oils when shaving your legs! It's anti-aging and more gentle on your skin than shaving creams or soaps (sorry about the mess though).

use the code: Seamingly at checkout for 15% off your order >> Flynn & King.

Flynn & King also has created - Do Good Collaborations - $1 from each bar of Driftwood soap is donated to a non-profit, I'm from Driftwood, promoting unity and acceptance for the LGBT community. And, all of their extra soap materials are melded together to create bars of soap for victims of domestic violence.

3. URB Apothecary

URB is the newest brand I enjoy for skin care. Right now, I am only using one product. Their Yarrow Cucumber clarifying mist was my first take. I apply it before* moisturizing regardless of whether my next step is a lotion, cream, or sorbet (I am testing a ton of travel sized facial moisturizers right now). The most notable difference I have seen is using this clarifying mist as my base. It's the most refreshing and moisturizing. Next, on my list is choosing one of their clay masks to replace my drug store day to day mask. That way I can alternate between Flynn & King and another organic mask. URB has an awesome explanation of which clay mask you should buy according to what results you need - read it here.