5 e.l.f. Products You Should Try

We've all heard about e.l.f. (eyes lips face), right?

e.l.f. is a super affordable (as in you can buy essentials for well under $10) brand that you can get at your local Target or drugstore. I've always heard great things about their gel liner (that it lasts forever and the pigment is on point), but I was wondering what other products might be great to use at such low prices.

I took the time to hop into the nearest Target, and check out e.l.f.'s product selection. What I found was that the brand has everything. From brushes to liquid eyeliner, and matte lipsticks to makeup remover. For a full selection, feel free to shop their website here (there's even a ton of nice skin care products that I really, REALLY want to try).

For my purposes, I chose a couple of products that I feel like are essentials in any makeup lovers kit, like the makeup remover wipes, the color correcting setting powder and the makeup setting spray. Then, I chose two products that were a little different than my norm, but the colors were so beautiful that I had to try them (the lipstick and the blush).

1. e.l.f. Hydrating Water Cleansing Cloths 20ct.- $4 at Target

I am slightly picky when it comes to makeup remover wipes. I don't like wipes that sting my sensitive skin. I don't like wipes that have a super rough cloth. I don't like wipes that don't have enough moisture. I don't like wipes that dry out my face.

That being said, I loved these wipes.

I actually wanted to show you how much makeup they can really take off, so here's a short video demonstration in case you're wondering. I have on a full face of makeup (full coverage foundation, highlighter, contour, eyeshadow, mascara) and it takes me no time at all to remove it all using these wipes. I'm obsessed. The wipes are also very gentle, and leave my face feeling moisturized instead of dry like some wipes tend to do because of high alcohol content.



2. e.l.f. high definition powder- $6 at Target

Setting powders are always a hot commodity in summer (see what I did there). They provide matte coverage for any and all shine created due to oil or sweat (or any other general summer activities) during the day. Originally, when I was shopping at Target, I was going for a translucent powder. I wanted something that could price dupe the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder, but quickly after scanning the aisles, I opted to buy e.l.f.'s High Definition Powder instead.

Color Correction. Do we even know what that means?

This powder can be used as a setting powder, but also at the same time it can color correct. Let me explain. When I say color correct I am mainly talking to those people who:

a) have dark circles or

b) have redness or

c) a combo of the previously listed problems as well as any other color related issues.

So, we "color correct" to get rid of the unwatned colors in our face. 

My goal when using this powder was to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, so I bought a yellow setting powder. To color correct, you "correct" the problem color with its opposing color on the color wheel. In plainer terms: my purple dark circles can be treated with a yellow setting powder.

It just helps if you want to alleviate any tiredness that's associated with dark circles. Should I go into a more detailed account of how to color correct? Perhaps I'll save that for another post.

See how I did it to the left here?

All in all I really like this powder. It's cheap, and it works for our purposes. If you bake it for too long, it will leave you with slightly more yellow coloring under your eyes than you're probably used to, so just be aware of that, but for the price it's a pretty fine color corrector.


3. E.L.F. Studio Blush- $3 at Target

Are you a blush lover? I used blush every day in high school. Which makes no sense because I have really red cheeks. And back then I didn't know how to put on foundation. And it was the early 2000's. Moving on.

Ten years later and I've recently got back into the blush game. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that I now know exactly how to do my foundation to cover up redness near my jawline, and instead I like to place blush high on my cheekbones to give me that innocent, clean look that I'm really into at the moment. 

I took a peek at the selection e.l.f. has to offer, and I opted for a sparkly pink called Twinkle Pink (we all know I'm obsessed with highlight, and this blush comes packed with pink + sparkles). There were two other blushes called Berry Merry and Coral that I got excited about too, but I do have self control so those I decided will have to be for another day.

The beauty with this product is that it is so pigmented, you just have to swipe a tiny bit on and you are good to go. See to the right there? I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS NATURAL LOOK. It's just such a clutch go-to when you don't have the time or patience to beat your face. Looks great, and feels great. Completely satisfied with this blush purchase.


4. e.l.f. velvet matte lipstick in Blushing Brown- $3 at Target

This purchase was 100% out of my norm. I was actually planning on purchasing a true matte lipstick, or some sort of nude liner (I am always looking to overdraw that teeny tiny upper lip of mine), but once I saw the color I decided to buy this one. After trying it out on myself, I would opt to wear this guy sometime around the fall season, like for example once Thanksgiving rolls around. For our purposes here, I think this was a great choice. 




First off, the color is so rich. I could see this guy being one of my favorites come fall. There is something about this burnt red that just draws me in to wearing it. Second, this product is a velvet matte. Hmm. What exactly does that mean? That means that this guy has a matte formula, but comes out with just a little bit more moisture so that your lips don't become immediately dry and crusty.


Another bonus: I overdrew my top lip, and in this close up shot of my face, you can't even tell! Maybe that's why they call this a velvet mattesince matte products usually make it easier to overdraw anything. 


5. e.l.f. mist & set matte magic 2.02 fl oz- $3 at Target

Last, but not least we always want to set the face. Whether it is a pound of makeup, or just a little dab here and there we want to make sure the makeup we buy to put on our face stays on our face.

I think setting spray can be quite controversial. As always, it depends on the person and their own genetic makeup, but generally speaking setting spray is used by all, especially those of us with more moisture in the skin (my nice way of saying ALLLLL you oily peeps out there). 

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to setting spray, like if they want the spray to dry matte, or if they need full 24-hour coverage. For this specific product, I like using it for touch-ups during the day. I have combo skin, so that means I can go from being incredibly dry to overly oily all in the same day. My skin is always changing- what is dry in the morning could turn up oily by 2pm. This matte setting spray is great to use during the day for touch-ups because I never know when my skin is going to turn over! If I do end up getting an oily patch, I can spray this stuff on and voila! I am no longer a grease monkey.

If you're looking for matte spot coverage, then this is the guy for you.



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Christine Severin