Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review

For those of you that have been patiently waiting, here it is... the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review.

Where do I even begin?

As you may or may not know, the Subculture palette has been on the market for a few months now. It is the second palette to Anastasia's widely popular Modern Renaissance palette, and because of that every beauty lover has been itching to get their hands on this second installment.

Initial Thoughts:

The original reason why I wanted to try this palette was because I absolutely LOVED the Modern Renaissance palette that Anastasia put out in summer 2016. Inspired by the colors in the Renaissance itself, the palette is a staple in my makeup bag and so beautiful when I create looks with it. Initially, I knew the Subculture palette was going to be of the same caliber as Modern Renaissance, and with the gold/orange/teal color trends going around this year I could only imagine how beautiful this palette was going to look when applied in person.

My Review:



I think this palette may have gotten a lot of mediocre reviews because people don't really know how to use the wide variety of colors in the palette together. What's good for me is I love experimenting with color, and the color scheme of this palette goes all over the place!

I was immediately drawn to almost all the colors in the green family: Axis, Untamed, and Destiny are definitely some of my favorites. I also found myself gravitating towards the oranges with colors like New Wave, Edge, and Adorn.

I decided I wanted to do a variety of looks for this review so check them out below!

First Look:

Colors Used: Fudge, New Wave, Adorn, Axis, & Mercury.

If I could use the clap emoji I would when I say that this. orange. brings. out. brown. eyes. I love it!

Funny enough, I actually used Mercury as the color to fill my eyebrows. Pretty cute, huh? 

Warmer tones are usually my go-to, but I love that in this look, the orange-gold in Adorn is contrasted underneath by its complimentary blue partner Axis. It really makes those brown eyes pop! And with a strong set of brows... oooooweee you'll be looking fierce like a lion in no time.


Second Look:

Colors Used: Edge, Untamed, Axis, & Electric.

I felt like such a siren with this look! I don't know if it's the beachy waves in my hair, or the fact that this green/yellow combo just reminds me of the sea, but I am obsessed with it nonetheless! 

I wanted to go for a lighter look, more fishy to be exact, so I used a foundation that was a couple of shades lighter than my actual skin color to give the effect of being out of the sun a bit. I only lightly filled in my eyebrows with a light gel brush because I didn't want them to overpower my eye makeup. I added a gold liquid lippie from Limecrime, and Viola! I am the siren from your darkest nightmares. This would be a more made up look, even though there is no liner applied, all the colors in the shadows and the lippie make it look really intense in real life.

Love, Love, Love this color combo. For all my fellow Slytherins out there, this one was for you.


Third Look:

Colors Used: All Star, Roxy, New Wave, Rowdy, & Cube.

Third and final look here. We couldn't complete a review without trying some winged liner, could we??? I used Rowdy to make a really loooooooong winged liner look. How sassy does that make me.

Warm tones were once again used because I love all the warm colors in this palette! Like I was saying, orange really brings out the brown eyes.. try it even if you're having second thoughts. I also wanted to some how incorporate All Star because any kind of maroon, or purple color always looks amazing on my eyes.

This look is a little cleaner than the previous two looks shown above. The shadow All Star applied on the lower lid is tighter on the lid line, and also the winged liner makes for crisp looking lines in this look. Definitely bright in color, but I still feel like this is a more casual look with using this palette.





Christine Severin