Revlon Colorstay Brow Kit & Salon Slant Tweezer- First Reactions (Video)

Hi guys!

So I won't get too far into it today because you can certainly watch the video below to see how these brows really work


I would like to share with you guys a little about my experience using the Revlon Color Stay Brow Kt & Salon Slant Tweezers. So here we go.

Shop the Brow Kit Here & I can't find this specific brand of tweezers anywhere... where did they all go?!?

Using a pomade to set your brows is EVERYTHING!! I've never done that before, but with the Revlon Colorstay Brow Kit I was able to get my "werewolf" brow look that I love so much!! Just using the pomade only makes a HUGE difference in the way your brows look on your face. Try it, and see what works best for you.

Also, the tweezers are so easy to use!! I am really in love. I think it's because the Revlon tweezers are longer than other tweezers I've used before (my usual tweezers are from Tweezerman) and also have less resistance. The Revlon Salon Slant Tweezer is lightweight, affordable, and efficient- all great points in my book (watch the video above for a comparison to my usual tweezers, and for a little more insight on why I love these particular tweezers from Revlon)!



-I think my color was off just a little bit for my specific brow color. Granted the color says "dark brown", but for me it seems more like a chestnut brown once I used it. Make sure when selecting your color, you take into account your roots, but also your hair shade! A warm brown color will not fly with icy platinum locks.

-It is really easy to remove the product from the brow (aka smudging). Just be aware that anything used with pomade like that can be easily smudged and removed. Don't touch your face!


As always, if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, or poetry please feel free to let me know!



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