February Ipsy Bag Review

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the February Ipsy Bag Review. I am beyond excited to start sharing my monthly Ipsy products on the blog. Let’s dive right in!

What in the World is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a subscription service that sends subscribers a variety of samples of beauty products monthly, based on the subscriber’s preferences. There is an introductory quiz that inquires all sorts of information about a new participant, from how adventurous they are with their makeup, all the way to how often they use certain products. These preferences can be updated at any time. Also, every month you are given the opportunity to review your Ipsy bag, and each product you received. These reviews will give you points that can be redeemed for other products. Ipsy also introduced a new feature not too long ago that allows members to shop many of the products offered through Ipsy. Often, there will be a cash back incentive as well, money that is literally yours. No strings attached.

Why I Continue to Choose Ipsy…

I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber for around three and half years, give or take. One of the main points that convinced me to give Ipsy a shot originally, was the fact that I could try many different beauty products for such an affordable price. I absolutely love trying beauty products of all kinds, but I definitely cannot afford to buy them continually, especially just to find out that an item may not be for me. At least if I find a product I really love with Ipsy, I already know I’m getting my money’s worth by purchasing it. Also, quick note: these sample sizes really do last a while, it’s amazing. Another reason why I’m committed to Ipsy is the brands they are associated with. I’ve received products from brands I already love, such as Tarte and Too Faced, but I have also discovered a lot of brands that I never knew about, or just haven’t had the opportunity to try, but have fallen in love with.

Now for this month’s honorees:::

Multi-Ex Repair Feb Ipsy.JPG

Multi-Ex Repair Cream by Lab For You-

Main qualities: Can be used to make makeup last longer, good for acne prone skin due to witch hazel. Works well as a night cream, and on top of other daily skin care products. Good for all skin types.

My experience: I decided to test this cream by adding it to my normal nighttime skin routine. From initial application, I felt the witch hazel on my skin. It was a good type of tingly feeling that I didn’t mind. I am definitely excited to see how this cream helps my acne prone skin.


Powder Brush 50F by F.A.R.A.H Brushes-

Main qualities: Versatile. Good for applying setting powders, bronzers, and blush. Vegan and cruelty-free. Super soft bristles are meant to eliminate possibility of streaks, and blend color smoothly and evenly. Great quality at a great price.

My experience: This brush lives up to it’s selling points. I’m loving the versatility, and the fact that it’s the only brush I’ll need in my makeup bag.

Lip Balm Feb Ipsy.JPG

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (shade Juicy Cherry) by Tonymoly-

Main qualities: Precious packaging, Hydrating, long-lasting and packed with Vitamin E. Can be worn with other lip colors to gloss them up.

My experience: I love the packaging, I mean it’s literally a bunny. The cherry scent is also amazing, by the way. I tried it on its own, and loved the feel and look. I would describe it best as a hybrid between a chapstick and lip gloss, which I don’t mind. It definitely lived up to it’s hydrating selling points. With the feel and the not-too-bright shade, I will definitely be wearing it a ton.

Meech and Mia Feb Ipsy.JPG

Pressed Eye Shadow (shade Taupe) by Meech and Mia-

Main qualities: Known for affordability. Possesses buttery soft texture, is highly-pigmented, and buildable. Can be used wet or dry. Made with blend of minerals that nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes.

My experience: This eyeshadow is quickly joining my favorite list. The shade is beautiful. It’s called taupe, but really has a mauve hue to it as well. The past couple of days I have worn it to work alone for a very natural look, but I also can’t wait to experiment and use it with other eyeshadows.

Daisy + Pearly Feb Ipsy.JPG

Natural Radiance Booster in Daisy + Pearl by Seraphine Botanicals-

Main qualities: Made with natural daisy flower extract and jojoba seed oil to nourish and hydrate your skin. Loaded with micronized luminizing pigments to give natural-looking glow.

My Experience: I have loved Seraphine Botanticals ever since I was introduced to them through Ipsy. This highlighter is definitely one of my favorite products I’ve ever received from them. First of all, I love of jojoba oil. Also, who wouldn’t want to wear anything with daisy extract on their face? The texture is out of this world, which makes sense considering all of the elements we’re working with here. The shade is beautiful, and the highlighter overall gives off a really natural glow. This product will definitely be joining my exclusive makeup bag.


Hey Honey Feb Ipsy.JPG

Propolis & Honey Soothing Cream by Hey Honey-

As mentioned above, one of the great benefits of being an Ipsy member is gaining points for reviewing the contents in your bag, and using those points for free products. Well, this is a product I chose with some points that I had saved. I’m definitely happy about it.

Main qualities: Soothing, namesake, non-oily. Meant to treat redness and irritated skin. Restorative. Made for hydrating, repairing, and comforting rough, unbalanced skin. Has aloe to soothe and moisturize. The honey and propolis elements provide antibacterial benefits, and honeysuckle extract is included to soothe inflammation. Known to be great for calming skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, or seborrhea.

My experience: I have worn this cream under my foundation and primer the last couple of days, and I am anxious to see the long term effects. I was drawn to choosing this product because of the many claimed skin benefits, and the fact that I can always use another weapon in my artillery in the fight against acne, thanks PCOS. By wearing it underneath my makeup, I feel like I’m applying an extra line of defense for my skin. We shall see how beneficial it becomes.

Love Always,