March Ipsy

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Hi everybody! I hope March treated you well. It feels like it swept in so quick, and left just as fast, but I’m perfectly okay with that because hello spring. I’m elated to share with you what I received from Ipsy last month. I’m overall pleased with March’s bag, considering that I received two of my favorite things to try from Ipsy: primer and hair products. If you need an introduction to Ipsy, you can check out my February post here, which outlines Ipsy as a whole, and what it entails. Okay, let’s get to it:::::

So, this month’s Ipsy bag has a theme of being inspired and confident. It is rose gold, and reads, And off she went to change the world. I often use my Ipsy bags for multiple uses, such as traveling, so I love the little boost of confidence I am sure to get from this bag in the future. I believe that I received a great variety of products this month overall. onward we go…

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Lottie London: Shimmer Squad Highlighter in The Good Girl-

Product number one: highlighter.

Background: Champagne highlighter is said to find your best light. Known for being ultra-blendable, making it go on evenly. Not only blendable, but also buildable. You can create a very natural look, or a look that is sure to blind someone with pure shine. This product also boasts being vegan and cruelty-free.

My experience: This highlighter seems to really do it’s job. I applied a normal amount, and I can definitely see the natural qualities. It looked as though I had enjoyed a day in the sun. I am looking forward to trying it again, and making the build a little heavier and shinier. I could always use some extra shine.

Nature’s Cartel Nail Polish in Tactful Denial-

Now let’s talk nail polish…

Background: Nature’s Cartel has non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free products that are said to be made from the cleanest sources and ingredients. Their polish is known for being long-lasting, highly-pigmented, and nowhere near streaky. The shade, Tactful Denial, is a glamorous nude color with a luxe finish. Ipsy suggests using it as a base for a French mani. Not a bad idea, I’m sure.

My Experience: I haven’t been painting my nails on my own a lot lately, because quite frankly I’m such a perfectionist about it that I get frustrated with myself. However, I did try this polish just to test it. The shade is a perfectly natural color, with just enough pink. The finish seemed to be a great mix of matte and gloss.

Foxybae: Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner-

Background: Foxybae is a west coast brand that strives to embrace self-expression and to empower individuals to be their best, most unique selves. Their Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner is made with biotin, and is meant to detangle, moisturize, tame frizz, and help hair grow long and strong. It leaves an extra smooth finish, and it’s perfect to nourish and heal damaged hair. It also brags about giving some shine without greasiness. Possesses notes of honey and blackcurrant for a sweet scent that is not overpowering. Can be used on wet or dry hair, and to tame frizz and flyaways. Cruelty-free product, like all of the products from Foxybae.

My experience: I used this product for the first time while my hair was in it’s natural form: pretty dang curly. After allowing my hair to towel dry a little, then air dry some, I applied the product on damp hair. I noticed the shine that my hair doesn’t always display when it’s natural, and I also noticed that my hair didn’t tangle as it often has a tendency to do while curly. I also gave it the ultimate test, and applied it when I straightened my hair. I’m not sure if it was the lack of precipitation in the air, but I literally had no frizz that day. I’ll give Foxybae the credit. Also, the scent is as amazing as they claim it is. Definitely my favorite product from this month’s bag.

Purlisse: Coconut Oil + Cranberry Body Butter

I was so happy to see that Ipsy had sent me lotion, it’s a rarity. I am a huge lover of lotion, and I often love this brand, which was introduced to me through Ipsy.

Background: So apparently the founder of this brand is a former actress and Power Ranger villain. I love it. She draws from Asian beauty secrets to develop high-quality formulas. This body butter is made with healthy ingredients, such as coconut oil, in order to smooth, hydrate, and deeply moisturize skin. It has antioxidant-rich cranberry that helps fight free radicals and protect skin from environmental damage. It’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and not greasy. Cherry on top: Gives a subtle glow.

My experience: So, I would love it if this lotion had a more potent scent. However, that opinion is coming from someone who is all about the scent of a product. As far as the way it leaves my skin feeling, I give it an A+. Extra credit for the glow it leaves.

Illamasqua: Hydra veil Primer

Background: Described as skincare meets makeup. It is a primer/moisturizer hybrid. Loaded with microalgae, vitamins C and B3, and plant extracts. All of this greatness helps to calm and hydrate the skin while also prepping it for makeup application. Talk about a hard worker. Great for sensitive skin, seeing as it is full of calming and smoothing plant extracts. The formula is gel, which is meant to soak right into your skin, so as to prevent foundation from streaking.

My experience: So, I’m not sure if it was my skin type or what, but I wasn’t super crazy about this primer. I was very excited about it, because as I’ve mentioned before I love any product that is geared toward sensitive skin. I felt like the primer soaked into my skin way too much, and way too fast, making it abandon it’s priming qualities. This resulted in my foundation not going on quite as smooth. I plan to give it another shot, maybe with some moisturizer underneath.

Love Always,