Living Space with Kaitlyn Rose

Living Space with Kaitlyn Rose

Photographs by Kristen M. Bryant


  1. How old were you the first time that you were able to create/design your own living space? 


i was twenty-one the first time i had a space that i felt was (and truly was) all my own.


2. Where did you live? What were you inspired by? 


my first apartment was in winston-salem, nc.


i am inspired by simplicity. a modern, sleek look that is combined with a vintage feel.


3. Creating your own space can be seen as an essential part of self-development and self-expression, did having the opportunity to create your own living space ever feel like a pivotal moment? If so, what was it like? 


simply having a space to call my own is the more important, pivotal moment in my life. for me, the creating was the afterthought. curating my space has definitely been fun, but the part that gives me a sense of self-development is knowing that i have a space to go to that is all my own and that i work hard to have. buying furniture and moving items around to my liking is definitely a plus though!


4. What are the key aspects of creating your own perfect space, i.e. your favorite things to surround yourself with? 


my most favorite things to surround myself with are items that make me comfortable. blankets, pillows, and christmas lights. my apartment has a strict no-over-the-head-lights allowed. lamps on tables, and christmas lights hanging on the walls make my apartment feel warm and cozy. i also go through multiple candles a month because i always have one burning while im home.


5. What are your favorite places to shop for home goods / decor / furniture? 


i pretty much thrift for everything. clothes, dishes, and furniture. i love finding a piece that there is only one of. an added bonus is that its cheaper than buying new! i frequent the local goodwills and thrift stores if im searching for a new piece.


6. Where do you try to save and splurge on items? 


i am currently saving for a kitchen table. a table is so important because thats the place where youll have your friends gather around and share a meal. its the surface that you will spread out all your papers and pens and laptop while youre working on a project. a table is a statement piece, and its something i feel that you shouldnt settle for. you should really, truly, love your kitchen table because youre going to be giving it a lot of loving throughout your time with it.


7. Do you have any advice for others in the process of making their own living space? 


my advice for everyone is always the same. do what feels right. if you like something, go with it! dont second guess your taste. if you find something that you like, get it, and then build around that.


8. How did you choose the core colors for your place? 


i wouldnt say that i consciously chose the color palate for my apartment, but the colors definitely are coordinated in that they are mostly pastel and white. i prefer subtlety when decorating, so most of my colors stay within the same range of saturation.