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Personal Style Enthusiast and Freelance Photographer. 

Seamingly was created to combine both my love for photography and self expression. From day one it was just I, talking about my personal thoughts and my thoughts on clothes and then six months in Carly and Elizabeth joined, and another year in: Darious, Tiffany, and Christine joined. 

Seamingly is a place where I come to make sure that I am talking about and working on the things that matter most to me. It's a place to develop a sense of intentionality in my being and my interests.

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Bloggin' out of Columbia, South Carolina. I'm an English major at USC. I love makeup, puppies, and scary movies. You can follow me more closely at @sailorstump_  or @moonprisompowermakeup on Instagram.  

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My ultimate goal is that someone will read what I write and find inspiration to discover more about their own self, as well as others around them. I have learned that when we uncover who we are, we can handle what life throws at us better; whether it be good or bad. I am certainly not an expert on life, but I love gaining wisdom from others and using it in my own life, and to help everyone around me.

Christine Severin


Blog Contributor, Fashion Stylist, Photographer, and Mediocre Comedian.

New to the Seamingly team and based in Los Angeles, 25 year-old Christine Severin is here to slay us all. She contributes to the StyleAdvice, and Beauty sections of the blog, but is also excited to majorly contribute to our Self section. Self, which is one of two newest sections to the blog, will mainly focus on self expression through visual media. Christine uses video media and photography to get her points across, and hopefully give us a few laughs along the way.

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25. Photographer for Fight Calls Media. Lover of people, music, and the great outdoors. I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life and I'm okay with that. 


I'm 23 years old with a Degree in Photography. I prefer to view life through the finder and not much excites me more than film does. I shoot everything from film to digital; carrying at least 4 cameras with me everywhere I go. 

Rain is my favorite element and the freeing feeling that I get from dancing in the rain is equal to the calming peace I'm in when behind the lens. The camera is a part of me, while the art completes me. I want to fly to the moon.

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