Last night I was finally lucky enough to watch Brigades play at Green Street Club in Greensboro, North Carolina. The band is five parts: Frank Bryant, Darren Young, Charlie Jackson, Damian Johnson, and Byron Dooley. They were so good and the crowd was so glad to see them. It was pure luck that I had my digital camera on me and not just my 35mm. After starting out only shooting bands I became very familiar with different venue and band policies. I have definitely encountered a few instances that got me kicked out of shows. Even if I got it through the purse check I never made it past 3-5 shots of the last band. I need to work on my camouflage. Carrying a professional level camera into a crowd is a liability in its own and adding the fact that the bigger the band the stricter the rules is another. It was AMAZING to be able to shoot a show again and that it was Brigades. That sentimental value. It's hard to be inconspicuous with the flash that I normally use and also the book bag that I normally carry. I don't have nearly as many as I would like of Damian Johnson, the drummer and Charlie Jackson, guitarist and second vocalist. Next time for certain though. It was a really fun show and I was super stoked to see and photograph these guys. Check them out if you please they are still on tour and playing in Richmond, Virginia tonight Nov. 4th. They are @brigadesband on instagram. 

Much love,