Film Stills with Kira Bursky and Crew

Filming for Massada, full cast and crew for Day 1. 

Filming for Massada, full cast and crew for Day 1. 


So I had the chance to shoot film stills for Kira Bursky. This is my third time working with her and her crew. My first time was on the set of her short film Tree Hugger which ended up making it's way to the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. My second time working with her was at the Premier of Tree Hugger. Pretty fantastic if I may say so myself. I lucked out on the opportunity covering for another photographer and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was more than excited to be there. I had never watched a Director and Film Crew in action, but had always wanted to. Kira is a super kind person with lots of energy. My first time working with everyone I was welcomed on to set with open arms. They are seriously hard working creatives. I'm super thankful to have had the chance to work with this group. There are 3 more days to go of filming that I will blog about also. I will also add images from my first time working with everyone on Tree Hugger. The entire crew and cast for the first day of filming Massada included: 

  • Director Kira Bursky
  • Cinematographer Brad Hoover
  • A.D. Wayne Culpepper (not on set)
  • 2nd A.D. Kristine (Kris) Montgomery
  • Audio Bill Pivetta
  • Stills Kristen Bryant
  • Grip Jonathan (Jon) Albert
  • Grip Samuel (Sam) Coppage
  • Actor Ben Hinton

The first day of filming had three different scenes and locations. Location one was the Blue Ridge Parkway:


After the first location we packed up and headed to Kira's home where her mother generously provided and prepared lunch for everyone. When I arrived there that morning she had also prepared breakfast. She makes a killer veggie loaf, pizza pie and hand-picked berry cobbler. To. Die. For. Yum.


The second location was a house that Kira had scoped out and wasn't too far from her own home in Weaverville, NC. The owner has been awesome and provided his place for a few of Kira's short films. 


The third location was also in Weaverville, NC. It was a small, beautiful park located in a neighborhood.

It rained nearly the entire day and everyone trudged through. Looking forward to three more days of filming ahead! 

Much love,


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