Ladies of Suburbia

Some of you may have already seen that I am working on a photographic series called, Ladies of Suburbia. Many people have asked about it and I thought it would be a good idea to blog about it? Also, if you're interested in modeling for it, I am going to include information about that as well. 


Ladies of Suburbia started out as any normal Saturday searching for a place to photograph with a fellow photographer and friend, Alex Dudley. We settled on a neighborhood we had used for photo shoots before. We had never used the homes as a backdrop, but we decided to because I thought it could be an interesting contrast. Alex and I were alone in the hunt and she looked perfect right in the center of that street so she is my first subject in the series. She is standing in the center of the street with a rainbow of houses on either side. The image hit home instantly and we kept going with it. We even went back a second time in an attempt to perfect the image. I was encouraged by my photography professor, Zane Logan. The image was going to be used as the cover photo for Greenville Tech's photography department's Facebook page. So obviously, that sounded exciting, and I reshot the image asap. After that I didn't take the next image in the series for a while. I really didn't know where I wanted to go with it, but it felt like something I could really build on. In a discussion with another friend and photographer, Elizabeth Kabakjian, it was decided that after school we would head to her house and use a neighborhood nearby and shoot another image for the series. When I showed these two images in one of my recent classes I was encouraged again to keep shooting it. (I love encouragement). So then it was decided that I had a series to work on. In presenting my final portfolio for my Exit Portfolio class the importance of the series really hit me. I finally realized what made the images so powerful in my mind. I am a girl from a Suburban neighborhood. I never related it to myself so much before that point, but it all makes sense to me now and means the world to me for 25 years worth of reasons.

The one twist on photographing this series is that none of the models live in the neighborhoods I photograph them in. I'm certain that a couple of them had probably never seen the neighborhoods we went to before we shot in them. I keep a note of neighborhoods on my phone and when I have a model willing to be apart of the project I then pick a neighborhood for the model to pose in. Then we set a time and day to meet and shoot at that exact spot. No modeling experience is required and it is not an all day event. So, all of that being said, I will be working on this project diligently for a while and would love to hear from any ladies interested in being a lady of suburbia. 

If you want to take a peek at all of the images I have up from shooting so far, you can go to my website -----> Ladies of Suburbia. 

Thanks guys,