Saturday Chill Music


This album goes perfectly with windows down or open, and preferably coupled with the tingling of sunshine wherever it lands on my skin. To indulge in the senses, this is the music that I want to listen to whether I'm dancing in my bedroom or driving in my car. When what I'm thinking becomes what I'm feeling and vice versa. It's purely intoxicating, but in the most freeing sort of way.

Disregarding the strangely warm days of February.

No Woman - Hearing this single on Spotify started my love affair with Whitney. The unusually summery sounds pulled me in and by the time the chorus started - a proud, single woman strut, unfolded. Now it happens every time. 

Red Moon - When spirits are already high I can celebrate to this instrumental snippet; smiling so much as I dance that it hurts my face.

On My Own - With a sort of beach music vibe, this song starts warm and slow. And then, when the music picks up, the words hit me.

Much love,