Falling Apart Music

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a major obsession with Mayday Parade. It’s borderline crazy, but in my defense they are absolutely amazing. Also, they completely get me, and I’m convinced that they write songs just for me. Sorry to everyone else. I kid, but seriously their music is very relatable. While it is a very close call, their self titled album happens to be my favorite one, if I can even claim a favorite. Here are some of my most cherished songs off of the album. I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

This is my raging mad song that I scream when I’m upset, but I also just listen to it because it’s amazing. Furthermore, I adore this song because I love to sing it acoustically with friends. It’s become a thing of ours that I hold dear.

Here is my song I listen to when I feel like I have nothing together. I mean, I never have it all together, but when it feels like everything is really falling apart, it makes me feel better. For me personally, this song just tells me that it is expected to drop motivation sometimes and to feel like you’re losing everything; and that’s okay. 

My song of hope. This song screams perseverance to me. Not giving up on anything, even through the ups and downs. Like hey, we’ll do what it takes. And that guitar solo? Majestical. 


Love Always,