Modern Yet Retro Music

So, I have fallen in love with Leon Bridges' music in the past year or so. There could be a number of reasons that this has happened. It could be because it reminds me so much of the music my Grandpa used to play/sing for me when I was little. Another possibility could be that I am obsessed with anything that has to do with the 50's/60's as far as fashion, music, and movies are concerned, and Leon Bridges is the closest I can get without a time machine. Also, I admire him so much not only for his unmistakable talent, but also because he is breaking conventions in the music industry. He's doing his own thing and being successful in the process.

“Coming Home” is very inspirational for me. It’s a reminder that we all need people who lift us up when the weight of the world knocks us down, and then kicks us.

I have no adequate words about my love of this song, but I will try my best. The music alone makes me smile from ear to ear, but the way he sings it gives me chills. That is all.

How could this song not make you happy? Also, how could it not make you want to do the Twist? 


Love Always,