Feb 2017 Playlist

There is so much good music happening!! I loved curating this playlist for this past month. We had Valentine's day love favorites (or singles favorites if that's how you rolled this Vday), and a ton of replaying classics that were in tribute to Black History Month. Also, with the results of our most recent election, I felt the need to start this playlist off on a positive note. Migos dropped their new album Culture at the end of last month, which was on repeat alongside my new discovery of artists like Ro Ransom & Hayley Kiyoko. In all, I hit this playlist with a ton of newness, so have a listen to what I've been bumping to the whole month of February!

Artist Highlight: @Ro Ransom

This artist is a friend of a friend of a friend here in L.A. I LOVE what I've heard to far, so check 'em out and judge for yourself!

Christine Severin