Happy Music


Never overlook the opening band, because you just never know when you will fall in love with them, like I did with This Wild Life. Their music, for me, is so versatile and perfect to listen to no matter how life is going. I love how they incorporate the acoustic vibes but with upbeat principles. Their music just always makes me happy and puts a smile on my face!

"Over It" is a song I sing/scream when I'm trying to move through something in life, but keep getting hung up. It reminds me that finding closure in life is a process, and it is okay if that is not an overnight thing. 


Ooohhh, this is one of my favorite TWL songs! A perfect road trip song, whether I'm running to the store or going on a two hour drive. It encourages me to always find the happy moments in life, and it also reminds me of my favorite time of year; summer, obviously!


"Better With You" is such a uniquely beautiful song to me, especially lyric wise. Most "love" songs talk about missing someone, but this one goes even further and says, hey I miss everything, including our hard times. It illustrates a relationship as a whole, and not just the good parts. This song is special to me because it is so fun to sing! Plus, the lady vocals in it are fantastic, and such a perfect fit for the meaning of the song.



Love Always,