Break-Up Music


George Ezra’s album, Wanted on Voyage, was an immediate favorite. The song Budapest was potentially an overplayed radio song, but I loved it anyways. I could be found bopping my head to it in the car with a friend and singing it as loud as possible. Then later, after I experienced a break-up, the album was put back on repeat. This time around I appreciated it for songs opposite to those that I originally cherished and for completely unique reasons. Do you ever hear music years later and begin to understand it differently? It was kind of like that.

On a long drive en route to a photo job - I had managed to drown out every song before, for however many miles I hadn’t heard a word, and then  “Did you hear the rain?” played. The lone vocals at the beginning of the song demanded a break from day dreaming and as it played every word couldn’t have been more true. 


Breakaway was and is the real tear jerker. The one that pulled hard, but I couldn’t stop singing it to continue following through.


“I can’t have left you, I still haven’t met you.” – Hope.


Much love,