Motivated Music

I first heard State Champs when my brother from another mother, Darious, showed them to me a little over a year ago. You know how when you first hear music sometimes you have to hear it again to decide if you like it or not? Well, maybe that’s just me, but either way this definitely was not one of those times. It was love at first listen, and I fell hard. Real hard. Since that monumental day, State Champs has graced my ears quite frequently. They make for good driving music, workout music, cooking music, and anything else. The whole album, Around the World and Back, is absolutely incredible. I love every single song on that album. While they are not the only sign that pop punk is not dead, they are a huge indication that it is still thriving, and that gives me so much hope.

This is one of the first songs I ever heard by State Champs, and it was a huge contribution to my fast addiction to them. I heard it and I immediately smiled, knowing that good music is still being created.

I can’t hear this song without at least nodding my head. It’s contagious, and stays with me for hours after I listen to it. I would even dare to say it's my favorite State Champs song.

I am such a sucker for an acoustic song. Add lady vocals in, and I’ll listen to it forever and a day. 



Love Always,