Girl Power Music

Summer before my senior year of high school, I was chilling and watching the Fuse channel, like I so often did, and they were covering the Warped Tour highlights. Well, all of a sudden an interview with this lady came on, and I was like, who is this amazing person? She's hilarious, eccentric, and rocking with all of these bands on a daily basis as carefree and confidently as she pleases. Of course, it was the iconic Katy Perry. It wasn't long before I rushed to buy the "One of the Boys" CD, and listened to it maybe a little too much in the car. Not to mention all of the times the besties and I would kill this CD while getting ready, or going on random road trips. Oh the memories. This KP album is seriously a continuos Record on Repeat for me, because it still gets me through life. Talk about timeless...

And as an extra little treat to take us back to KP's earlier days, enjoy this performance from Warped Tour '08!




Love Always,