Carefree Music

I've loved Paramore every since I first heard "Riot!" ten years ago. Not to mention all of the times I used to watch Hayley ferociously shake her head on Fuse. While there is not a Paramore album that I don't love, their self titled album is definitely my favorite. Even out of all of the times that I've listened to it over the past four years, it never grows old to me. It is such a well rounded album, with a different story in every song! Here are a few of my favorites...

"Daydreaming" is such an inspiring song. For me, it serves as a reminder to keep my eye on the prize: my goals and dreams. 

This song is just absolutely beautiful, and it knocks me off my feet every time. The vocals are amazing and breathtaking. 

Meet my favorite song on this whole album. From the breakdown to the overall general structure of the song, I love everything about it. "Be Alone" screams classic Paramore, which is just perfect. 

Bonus Track!! I just had to throw this interlude in. It's my constant pick-me-up for those times when life starts getting me down, and a reminder to brush your shoulders off and move on. 



Love Always,