The June 2017 Playlist

June... Ahhhhh. Finally the month of sunshine, and smiles. Good beats, and good times. 

I especially love this month because I celebrate my birthday at the beginning of it. So all of the music compiled for this month is extra fun and feel-good. 

We start off with new Portugal. The Man, and MAN is it such a good and catchy song. I threw in some Terror Jr, which I have consistently been listening to since last April when I discovered the song, Come First. 

Now, down to business.


I don't know what it is about the album FREE 6LACK, but I have kept it on repeat this month. Initially, the cover art for this album is what caught my attention, but then once I took a listen, I started really getting into 6LACK (also known as Ricardo Valdez Valentine) & his sound. Although he's considered rap, this artist is not like a hyped up Kendrick Lamar, or a chilled version of Drake. To be honest his voice reminds me of Lil Wayne, especially how he starts off his songs with what seems to be like the beginning sounds of a record playing on a record player (much like Wayne's song intros that start with the sounds of a flickering lighter). If you're into a consistent beat with no features and a great sound give him a chance. I promise you won't regret it.

So that's it guys. June has been a busy month, so let's unwind and remind ourselves that summer has just begun.