Resonating Music

Ten years ago I first had my run in with Band of Horses, though they've been a band for longer, it took me somewhere between their album in 2006 and their album in 2007 to hear The Funeral, which became an instant classic to me with it's nostalgia inducing sounds. The Funeral and The General Specific were my top two favorites to put on in 2009 while I dried my hair, before I would drive an hour and a half to study Photography or 30 minutes into town to ring people up. Whatever it was I had to do - there was always a super loud sing along with my horrible singing voice. The louder the music was the louder that I could sing it, right? 

Pushing myself to believe in my journey required blaring music and painting on a coat of arrogance. Rude Humor for armor would come later. I appreciate Band of Horses for creating music that made me sway in my bathroom and become content with the struggling girl in the mirror, for writing about real life in a way that matched the extent of my reality back then, comfortably aching in place. Nowadays they still resonate with me and my need for simple pleasures and big dreams. 

Right now on repeat is their most recent album, "Why Are You Okay." It's another reflective soundtrack to life and good music in general.


Much love,



Growing up here, there comes a fork in the road
Pants have gotta go
We're on an island on the Fourth of July
It looks like the tide is going home

Blind faith don't sit right
You got rage wound so tight
I better leave
Best get out of the way