The August 2017 Playlist

I feel like my August playlist is just a jumble of sorts. What's even on this list? I've been traveling so much this month that now I feel like a zombie that just puts this playlist on repeat, repeat, repeat. But, it's sooooo good.

My favorites this month (by song title): Sleepy Eyes, (Not) The One, The Evil Has Landed, and Insecure.

I did include a couple of favorites for my best friend's birthday (aka songs that remind me of her) and 

Artist Highlight: @Marian Hill

I've included her on this playlist, but if you haven't heard any of her stuff, then you need to check her out. She got some SICKKKKK BEATZZZ BRUHHHH. But seriously, I could really jam out to her, play her at a party, listen to her while I'm working. All occasions call for Marian Hill. Check her out and you'll see, or rather hear, why.

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