This Wild Life: Petaluma

This Wild Life Petaluma.jpg

Let’s talk about This Wild Life for a minute. The acoustic pop-punk geniuses released their latest album Petaluma in June of this year. First off, I’m completely ashamed of my procrastination on this one, but thankfully seeing them live not that long ago was just the kick I needed to give credit where credit is due. From the first day the guys of This Wild Life started promoting Petaluma, it was obvious that they had poured in a lot of time and passion into the album. That drew me in even more. There’s nothing like seeing an artist really have pride in their work. I see it as them being confident that they accurately conveyed everything they intended to, and in return I become antsy to hear it for myself. Needless to say, they are definitely verified in exuding that confidence, because Petaluma does not disappoint at all. Once again, they took their acoustic watermark, and added many variations that will have you singing along for days. You’ve been warned.

And now for a PSA: if you ever get a chance to see This Wild Life live, take it. Between Kevin’s big personality, and Anthony running around behind him utilizing his many musical talents, if you don’t leave entertained it’s your own fault.

For more on This Wild Life, you can view my ROR on their album Clouded. Here it is!

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