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Introducing Don Broco. Okay, so if you have known me for any length of time, or read any of my other ROR's you know that one of my favorite parts about going to shows is hearing the opening bands. I crave it. I first heard Don Broco when I looked them up after seeing that they were going to be in the lineup for a recent State Champs show that I attended. When I first heard them, I just remember thinking how great they sounded, and that they were probably going to kill it live. Well, they definitely went above and beyond my expectations. Talk about an amazing performance! I don't think I've ever seen a crowd get so hyped during a show, and for most people it was their first time hearing Don Broco at all. It was so inspiring, and set the tempo for the rest of the show. If you ever get a chance to see them live, please do. You definitely won't regret it. Plus, they seem like really cool guys! I've been obsessing over their album "Automatic" like crazy. Here are some of my favorite songs from the album, and don't miss their brand new video and single at the bottom of the post, and a live video!

This is probably Don Broco's most well-known song at the moment. Besides being the title-track of the album, it was featured on Madden NFL 16, which explains why they sounded so familiar when I first looked them up. Furthermore, it's a really energetic song, and shocker alert: it sounded fantastic live.

This song is fire. Sorry, I had to do it. "Fire" has recently become one of my favorite Don Broco songs. It possesses a slower sort of flare compared to the other songs on the album, but still brings all the hype and energy. 

At this point in the show when Don Broco played "Nerve", I was trying to grasp what I was seeing and hearing. I'm literally not exaggerating, their performance was that amazing. 

Don Broco

This is my favorite Don Broco song. I don't really know why it sticks out to me more than the other songs, there's just something about it. It's the first Don Broco song that was actually stuck in my head after the show, therefore I have heard it a lot in the past month or so.

And here is "Pretty", enjoy!

Lastly, here's a taste of a live show!


Love Always,