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It’s been exactly one week since Maren Morris blessed us with her latest album, ‘GIRL.’ No lies detected, I’ve been anticipating new music from Maren for quite a while. I could never possibly get enough. Then, when she started releasing some singles from the album, such as “GIRL” and “The Bones,” my anticipation level skyrocketed. I was eager to hear what sounds this album would possess. Would it be more of a country sound like her past works of art, or would it have more pop flavors, or would it be a beautiful bouquet of many different genres? Turns out, the answer is the latter. ‘GIRL’ has such a variety of flavor, pun definitely intended; it is a glorious marriage of country, pop, some R&B feels, and hints of rock as well. So, following one of the hardest choices I’ve ever had to make, here are a few songs from the album that have really touched me:

Okay, so when I first heard this song I was having a horrible day. Like one of those no good days, where all the little things seem to go wrong and make you question your whole life. I hate those days. Well, this song swooped in and saved me. I felt like Maren wrote the lyrics just for me. Like she somehow knew that I was going to need to be reminded of how strong I truly am, and who I am. It was amazing. The aspect that touched me even more, is that I felt her intentions. I just knew that she shared this song because everyone needs to hear that it’s all going to be okay sometimes. She connected how she was feeling at one point in her life with everyone else, and I just love it.

“To Hell & Back” is definitely one of the songs on the album with a more country feel. The lyrics seem to hit me pretty hard, from first listen all the way to now. It’s a beautiful message of loving someone for who they truly are, including all the good and bad experiences they carry with them through life. Very powerful.

Y’all. This is one of those legendary, doesn’t come around often, types of songs. I feel like no description that I can attempt would ever do it justice. Think big impact; a song that will prove to be timeless. It’s one of those songs that commands you to have a good day.

Honorable Mentions:

I cannot end this ROR without mentioning a couple more songs from this glorious album. All My Favorite People (feat. Brothers Osborne) is basically my motto for life. Maren just knew that, and put it in a song. I would classify it as more country than any other song on the album. Also, I have to mention Flavor, because I feel like it’s a backstory for the whole album. Maren basically calls out anyone who has, or may, critique her unique sound and the time that it took for her new music to be released.

I hope you all enjoy. Please be sure to comment on this post, or on social media, and let us know what your favorite tracks from the album are.

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