Perplexed Music

Welcome Moose Blood, not to be confused with my favorite snow cone flavor Tiger Blood. In all seriousness, I absolutely love Moose Blood. I first listened to them after they repeatedly kept showing up on my "Similar Artists" list on Apple Music, and their videos kept appearing on my "Recommended" videos on YouTube. I immediately downloaded "Blush" into my library, and have more than enjoyed it on quite a few occasions since then. I love to blare this album when I'm driving in the car, cleaning, or even trying to focus. However, it most always makes the biggest impression on me when I am feeling puzzled about life; topsy-turvy of sorts. Confusion is a state of being I often find myself in, considering that I tend to overthink almost everything in life. I'm working on that, but Moose Blood serves as a form of therapy for those muddled moments. 



Love Always,


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