State Champs: Living Proof

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Tis the summer for music. Mayday Parade released their new album, 'Sunnyland', on June 15th, and With Confidence released a new single, and announced that their album 'Love and Loathing' will debut August 10th. That just scratches the surface of all the amazing music coming out this summer, which makes Friday's even better.

However, this ROR is about the astounding guys in State Champs, who graced us with their new album, 'Living Proof' on June 15th. My favorite aspect of this album thus far is the fact that the singles didn't give away all of the goodness. I enjoyed the music they released before hand, but once I listened to the album I found even more songs that I loved. They definitely did not disappoint. Here's a sneak peak: 


"So what's it mean, when every dream I have's about you now?" What a great album opener. When I first heard "Criminal" it immediately punched me, in a good way, and let me know up front that this was another State Champs album that would have me hooked for the foreseeable future.

I find myself relating to this song in multiple facets. The main message spoke to me as living a dream, but still remembering the sacrifices that come along with following your own path. In many ways, I'm already living my dream, and in other ways I have a long way to go. However, "Crystal Ball" reminds me to take a deep breath in the hectic nature that comes with finding your own bliss. 

I don't like choosing favorites, but if I had a favorite song on this album, "Lightning" would be that song. It's true State Champs to me. Hope y'all got that. Seriously, if my phone wasn't on silent all of the time it would be my ringtone. I love it that much. The main reason being the music in general. It hits hard, and leaves an impression for sure.

One last thing, I have to share with you the "Our Time to Go" video. It's one of the best music videos I've ever seen, but watch and decide for yourself: 


Love Always,


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