Self-Confident Music

This post is more to serve as a PSA than anything. If you haven't listened to The Finer Things by State Champs, then you are missing out, just like I was. I've been listening to State Champs for around two years now, since Around the World and Back debuted, another album I'm obsessed with. Little did I know, I have been missing out on The Finer Things for the last four years. I mean, even Cher wishes she could turn back time, you know? Anyways, I started listening to The Finer Things while preparing for a State Champs show a couple of months ago, and I immediately fussed at myself for not discovering it sooner. They actually played several of the songs from the album, and it was just unspeakably amazing. Since that show, I have been obsessed with this album. I would be deceiving all of you and myself if I didn't express how much I have been listening to this album. It's just that good. I promise. So do yourself a favor by listening to the songs I have below, and then go find this album. You won't regret it!l



Love Always,