Pleasantly Eccentric Music

The Matches: so much to say, so little time. I started listening to them in high school, and I find myself still enthralled at their ability to produce album after album filled with songs that contained unique elements, that only they would put together. While I'm sure they had many musical influences, The Matches were trendsetters who did not, and still do not, sound like any other band. Not to mention the fact that they never seized to amaze their audience. When I saw them live about ten years ago, it changed how I viewed bands and shows forever. When they would put on a show, they were there to please and entertain, and give everything they had to their fans. Therefore, given all of these facts, this ROR must be a special one. I have made a playlist of some of my favorite songs from The Matches that you can find at the bottom of this post. Happy listening!

Also, for those who never got to see The Matches live, this YouTube video will have to suffice: 



Love Always,