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The best way I can think to describe Cartel is legendary. They were one of the first three pop punk bands that I ever listened to, therefore introducing me to a whole new world of music that I fell in love with. I have had the privilege of seeing Cartel live three times, which could never be enough. They were actually the first show I ever attended on any scale. I was 16, and Chroma was widely popular and rightfully so. Fast forward a couple of years and in comes Cycles, my favorite Cartel album. I really did like this album a whole bunch when I first heard it, but it made more of a presence in my life a couple of years after it's initial debut. Even now, I find this album more relevant in my life than I once did. I was going through so many changes when my fondness for Cycles really grew into what it is today, making it extra special to me. I see Cartel as a band who has fought for everything they've ever achieved, and successfully shared their struggles and triumphs alike with all of their fans. They truly inspire me. 



Note: I have included pictures of Cartel with and without bassist Jeff Lett, since he was such a big part of this album! Also included: Some semi-decent pictures of a Cartel show from 2010.

"The Perfect Mistake" is a great representation of this whole album. The song is full of energy and emotion, just like the songs that follow it thereafter. 

This song often serves as a reminder to me to not settle in life. It motivates me to fight for what I need and desire.

I feel that I must pay homage to the south whenever I hear this song. I may complain about where I'm from, from time to time, but truthfully it's a big part of who I am, and I can't deny my undying love for home. Plus, this song just really goes in.

"It Still Remains" gives me the courage to not give up on those that I care about, and to fight for said relationships. Talk about motivation!

I love listening to "27 Steps" when I am just really feeling exhausted from any situation. It's my 'fed up' song. Accompany with wine and/or chocolate, and you'll be good in no time.

I typically pair this song with the above song, so the previous description also applies here. Need to get out some frustration concerning people or a certain situation? This is all you need. 


Love Always, 


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