All Black

This outfit came about one Saturday evening when I couldn't decide what to wear. I didn't feel overly confident nor did I feel like wearing pants. Weird things to put into one sentence, I know. However, I am almost certain that any female can vouch for these emotions happening simultaneously. We work like that. 

All black is one of my favorite "color" combination choices for multiple reasons. Let's start with the fact that it's super easy to feel comfortable in. That's the most important. Next, all black makes us look slim when we need it to. This is quite helpful and very confidence boosting. As much as I try to hone my confidence, every day can't be a winner. Since I don't particularly like those days I try to make it a win as best as I can. 

What I came up with in my "I have no clothes to wear," the greatest lie ever, was that I could at least wear a dress since I didn't want the constriction of pants. Dresses that flare outwards above the waist are perfect for when you don't want to look or feel constricted. The next dilemma was that it has become very chilly here. Winter is arriving much, much too soon. So the tights were simply a must. I am also a pretty big fan of tights. Especially wool lined tights. When I was a courier I wanted to wear dresses and not become a popsicle. Wool lined tights saved my chicken legs from freezing. Moving back on track; I wore black sheer footless tights and gladly added a pair of knee high sweater socks that I ended up tucking down into my boots. I was going to wear them peeping above the boots, but it took away from the outfit and brought the dressy aspect down a few notches. Since it was a Saturday night out with my beau I didn't want to do that.

Side note: the socks were burgundy so when I put on the tan suede coat I suddenly felt a little like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Be careful with your color choices. I am also known to accidentally dress as a christmas elf. Red and Green do look good together outside of the christmas season you know. They are just sort of assigned to it. Use less of an emerald green when you're trying to pair red and green. Then throw in another color and beautiful things can happen. 

I have quite a few repeats in this blog post. I am a proud shopper of my own closet. 1. I am wearing the beret from another post. I am really beginning to love this hat. I'll be wearing it with t-shirts before you know it. No shame. 2. The tan suede Adrienne Vittadini jacket from T.J. Maxx. This coat is so soft and surprisingly warm for such a light weight jacket. 3. My last repeat is my dress, its my black skater dress. It isn't overly dressy, but when paired with these other pieces it took on a new life. 

The outfit was perfect for the night we had. The evening could have been turned around by staying inside with Netflix and sweatpants (a damn good option), but I pulled together a super comfy and confidence boosting outfit just in time to make the best of it. I love when that happens. 

Much love,