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Rehearsal: Country Chic

all photography for this post by  @kristenmbryant

all photography for this post by @kristenmbryant

There are so many aspects of style that could come into play when dressing yourself for a professional event i.e. tattoos, color code (don't wear white to a wedding), shoes, professional style standards, personal style preferences, comfort, and simply what you feel like in that moment. For me, defining my professional style has been an event in and of itself. I have not been one to conscript to your typical choices. I rarely wear high heels. This is especially so if I am required to wear them for longer than say, an hour. There are so many beautiful pairs of heels out there ready for me to be ready, but the day of their practicality, for me, has not yet come. Dresses, pant suits, expensive clothes, high heels, skirts, sandals are just a few things I personally wouldn't wear when photographing on location. Why? Obvious reasons. One: I know they won't be comfortable. Two: depending on what position I'm in for the shot, they may end up being completely inappropriate. And three: they better be amazing sandals for me to want to hike in them. These are all just from personal experiences where things went wrong and the mistake was noted. The good thing is that there are one million different ways to put together a professional ensemble. Maybe one million is an exaggeration and maybe it isn't, but you know what I mean. It can all be made to work. The important thing is to find what you love and to be comfortable and confident.

Wedding Day:

My recent go to style for photography sessions seems to be pants, closed shoes, and blazers. Pants are by far the most comfortable to shoot in. It sucks when I have to kneel in whatever conditions, but thats why I just wouldn't wear my favorite pair of dress pants. I've kneeled in grass, dirt, mud, rain, rocks, and many other things so many times at this point, I definitely know what is machine washable. The shot is always worth it, but why not prepare? BLAZERS are a current favorite. They seem to be the key to my low key attempts at professional style. I love being able to add a blazer and change everything with the perfect synthesis of masculinity, femininity, and professionalism. Plus, there are so many great choices. I've started a small collection and one of the things that can make a blazer for me is elbow pads/patches. I'm not sure exactly which they're referred to as.

Pause for google.

Pobody's Nerfect.

As it would seem the answer is elbow patches. I don't think padding would be terribly flattering, but I'm sure that adding a patch does technically create padding? So, elbow patches. You can even find some online to add to your clothing instead of purchasing them pre-sewn. Plus, you can get them in different shapes and colors. That is pretty nifty if I do say so myself. That could be something really fun to try. The shirt I chose is one that breathes easy, because I sweat easy. Nerves, temperature, humidity, everything happens. Last minute I had to switch from the sleeveless green shirt in the photos to a long sleeved black shirt in the same material. It was just as comfy and a little dressier. 


For shoes, I wore a pair of brown loafers that I thrifted from Clothes Mentor. I almost never buy used shoes. In fact, this very well may be my first pair. I just don't think my toes should share the same space of the toes of a perfect stranger. Just a personal preference. These shoes however had a well worn leather look on the outside, but not a used look on the inside. They are also a style that I really dig, so I was sold. I feel like these loafers were from a good home and must be a pretty good brand because they are in awesome condition. For the cherry on top, I got them for a steal. When looking them up I found that the brand, Antonio Melani, can be found new at Dillards and the average women's shoe in that brand is anywhere from thirty to two hundred dollars. I purchased mine for fifteen. Not too bad? 

My pants are my favorite pair of black levi's that I've blogged multiple times before. I am on the hunt for more black skirts and black pants that I love as much as the ones I have. Any suggestions, let me know!

So the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were themed. I really enjoyed the opportunity to join in on the themed fun. For me, when I think of the country chic theme I think of girls in dresses with boots and guys in plaid shirts with boots. Something along those lines. Since I'm not a skirt or dress wearer when I am going to be photographing, I steer towards pants. So in order to wear pants I took on the guy's style for that evening. To try and convey this look I wore my Lauren by Ralph Lauren plaid shirt. (I'm trying not to own seven plaid shirts. However, seeing that I'm a habitual person and all, I will probably buy more.) I always seem to find plenty of different styles and colors when I'm out thrifting. So if you need one don't fear, go to your nearest thrift store. For pants, I wore a pair of gap skinny jeans. They're always worth the buy. I added my black vest from Mim over my plaid shirt and a light brown scarf to try and add an extra touch of chic. For shoes, I wore a pair of dark brown Sam Edelman ankle boots that are wonderfully comfortable and great quality. T.J. Maxx to the rescue nearly every time. I was really comfortable and hopefully really in sync with the rehearsal theme. Hopefully, I kept my professional style up to par? It definitely suits my personal style. Let me know what you think?

Much love,