Embracing your Plain Jane Dress

How often do we buy dresses to make life easier? Pretty often, I think. Picking out a dress with a perfect pattern and a cinched waist. Then you're only left with throwing on some jewelry and calling it a day. I think its pretty common to collect the plain jane dress over and over again with each new change in popular patterns. Unfortunately, this makes this type of dress really easy to grow tired of. It turns into your comfy day outfit. As lovely as those comfy day outfits are it's really great to able to turn yourself around from just wanting to be comfy to still wanting to get more out of your day. So, getting bored of your Plain Jane dress? Spice it up by using spunky pieces to go around it. Voilà, you have a brand new outfit. 

While initially stoked with the dress' square geometric pattern, I just wasn't thrilled once it came home. After trying it on I kept thinking it needed something else. It's simplicity wasn't quite flattering enough. I tried pairing it with different cardigans and loafers, but that was an instant snooze. I wanted my comfy day dress, but I also wanted a little more. There just wasn't enough life to it. 

After two different trips to T.J. Maxx I had collected both the boots and the suede jacket. This finally put the outfit together. Just so you know, this is the softest jacket I've ever owned. 

So, I had just bought the jacket and realized that the color of the jacket would look really great with navy, black, light gray, or maybe even white. Maybe thats just me. I knew my dress wouldn't be overtaken by the character of the jacket thanks to the dress' pattern. It's perfect. Plus, both of these pieces breathe really well so theres no sweating for the sake of an outfit (since the weather is forever changing between warm and really chilly). So go revive your plain jane dress and get the most out your closet. 

Much love,