Jump into a Jumper

all photographs for this post by  @kristenmbryant

all photographs for this post by @kristenmbryant

It's a really confusing time for our winter outfits right now. Between 70 degree weather and the Holiday's my closet is getting a sideways look. With everything that the Holiday's require from us I think that it's safe to say that comfort is key because December is madness. Traffic, present buying, decorating, planning for Christmas travel, planning for New Year's travel, planning to not go broke, meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend's family for the first time, cooking for the holiday's, working on or around the holiday's, etc. There is a lot going on with all of us. For me, living in a new place, I'm on a time crunch and have a lot of driving to do. Three and a half hours to my family's Christmas, 10 hour drive to my boyfriend's family in Connecticut, and then New Years travel. It never ends. Ever wonder how the years are passing by so quickly? Think about all the the things you manage to accomplish in December alone. If you actually kicked back in December then go you, but that means the rest of the year you were probably on your best game. Time flies when you're having fun?!

Looking good is also one of the things most of want to do during the Holiday's as well. You run into everyone you know, planned or not. It's exciting, but if you're like me it's also stressful. Looking good and feeling good are two of my favorite things to have crossed off my list. As much as I love a good pair of sweatpants I don't really wear them outside. Maybe your sweatpants look fancier. You do you. I only wear mine when I don't plan to get out of the car. A.K.A. Krispy Kreme has a drive through and I'm pretty fond of using it.

The easiest article of clothing to get dressed up and feel dressed down in, is a jumper dress. They're almost too simple. Put a shirt on, add dress, and add shoes. If you're cold add some tights with it. Boom. Then you're free to roam around non-constricted. If you think you'll be really active and are afraid of wearing anything too short make sure your tights are opaque or add some leggings. We have all seen a lot since leggings became pants so I don't think you'll be showing the world anything new. Except that you look good and you get shit done!

The right jumper dress does a lot. It's been around a while and can be anywhere from average to vintage. So here are my three jumper dress looks:


I took inspiration from Porter Magazine for this one. They referenced a pop musician from the 60's, Sylvie Vartan. Her signature look was brightly colored mini dresses/skirts, tights, and then shoes to match the dress. In order to recreate that look I used a tweed style mini romper with a flare skirt. I hate pairing the typical red, black, and white. Instead of trying out a red shirt I used a calm cool blue. Both pieces were either from Ross or T.J. Maxx. Both were purchased over a year ago now. New style same clothes. My fave. I bottomed it with black knee high boots and topped it with a black beret.


I call this look, the Pilgrim. Something about the style of the whole ensemble. I actually wore it to my Family's Thanksgiving also so maybe that played a small role in inspiration. The shirt is another sheer dress shirt from T.J. Maxx. I bought both this black shirt and the blue one above for work. They're really awesome light and airy materials. The jumper was actually a gifted thrift. It's American Eagle. It's also just as light as the shirt. So, so comfortable. Perfect for a warm winter.


My favorite look of all.  I love this jumper the most. I bought it from Charlotte Russe a really long time ago so I wouldn't suggest going to look for it now. I am almost certain that I have owned this one for close to 10 years now. It may be slightly shorter than it was originally, but not so much that I can't wear it. I typically save it for the winter and throw on a thick pair of tights anyways. My turtle neck is a charcoal green and my jacket is some beautiful color between purple and red. I love this Blazer. I found this baby at a thrift store, but I find most of my favorite pieces while thrifting.

That's all for jumpers as of now. I hope you guys enjoy the Holiday's. I have a lot of cool changes that are coming to the blog soon. I'm pretty excited to share it with you all.

Happy Holidays!



P.S. My iTunes suffers a loss every time that I update something, but here are some of my favorite voices at Christmas time.