New Year's Eve Look - Carly

Hello everyone!  My name is Carly and I am the new beauty contributor to Seamingly.  While my focus is makeup, I will also be contributing to the fashion aspect of the blog as well.  To give you all a glimpse of my style, I will be sharing what clothes I am wearing, what makeup I am wearing, and what my resolutions will be for the New Year.  

When planning your New Year’s Eve outfit, what comes to mind? Generally, the first things to come to mind are sequins and glitter; anything that is flashy enough to show your excitement for the New Year.  This year I wanted to change things up a bit.  I wanted to wear an outfit that would not be as messy as a sparkly dress or something more comfortable than a sequined skirt.  When thinking of where to get a new outfit, Modcloth always comes to mind.  All of their merchandise has a retro twist on current, trendy styles.  I got an email that they were doing free two-day shipping so that customers could receive their purchases before New Year’s Eve and I was sold; so browsing I went.  I ended up purchasing the outfit pictured above: a tulle skirt in the loveliest peach color and a black top with a sweetheart neckline.  Once I received the items in the mail, I instantly fell in love.  After trying it on, I realized that the black top was too much of a stark contrast against the peach skirt.  I needed something to tie the pieces together so I added in an old Forever21 belt.  I think that the bit of embellishment really tied the outfit together.  Without it, the outfit would have fallen a bit short.  To complete the outfit, I chose a pair of black velvet lace-up booties that I purchased from Forever21 a couple of years ago and a huge, black gem ear cuff to add some extra oomph.  Due to the warm weather, I ended here.  This outfit could be modified for colder weather by adding a fuzzy cardigan and some sheer black tights.  You could also accessorize more if you want to spice up the outfit.

With not much glam going on in my outfit, I felt that it was necessary to implement some glitter into my eye makeup.  How else would people know that I’m excited for the New Year?  I followed my average every-day face routine and then went straight for the glitter that I have not yet had a valid excuse to use.  (Brief side note: what I am using is cosmetic grade glitter from the brand Glitter Injections.  If you love your beautiful eyeballs, DO NOT USE CRAFT GRADE GLITTER.)  I wanted to follow a color scheme similar to my outfit, so I went for a subtle smoky eye with rose-gold glitter patted onto the lid.  If you have tried either of these things before, you know that this is not an easy task.  Yes, I cursed at the eye-shadow gods for not creating a black eye-shadow that is easy to blend.  And yes, my bedroom floor will forever have glitter particles embedded in the carpet… BUT it all worked out and now I am ready to celebrate the New Year in glitzy fashion!


Since it is New Year’s Eve, I feel that I must end this post with a few of my New Year’s resolutions.  I have narrowed my list down to three resolutions that I think will overall better myself as a person:

1.     Live a healthier life.  I often find myself feeling unmotivated and most of it can add up to a poor diet and lack of exercise.  In 2016, I would like to cook at home more, cut down on drinking, and take my dogs on more walks.

2.     Dive into my hobbies.  When your life revolves around work and school, it can be easy to view your hobbies as a chore instead of something that you enjoy doing.  Instead of coming home and watching Netflix, I would like to read more.  Instead of browsing Reddit, I would like to improve my makeup skills. 

3.     Focus on myself.  With how easy it is now to see into other people’s lives, it can sometimes leave you envious of what other people have.  In 2016, I want to stop comparing myself to others.  I want my improvements to be for myself and no one else. 

Feel more than free to borrow any of my resolutions if they fit your needs.  I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve and I will talk to you all again in 2016!