New Year's Eve Look - Kristen

Happy New Year's Eve!

Blog Changes in 2016

So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of asking two of my friends to contribute to Seamingly in 2016 and they both agreed! Pretty pumped! So tonight make sure you take a look around, Carly Wilson is joining me in posting a N.Y.E look.

My second contributor that you will see on the blog in 2016 is Elizabeth Kabakjian! We all came together through text, email, and in person to discuss the progress of the blog. I wanted to be able to expand Seamingly. I have a lot of ideas flowing for what kind of place this could be for people to come to and read/look through. To start there are a few image changes coming to the site and new blog sections. We are going to work to bring you guys more style post variety along with Beauty styles we are taking on: skincare, make-up, hair styles, etc. A lot of that will probably be in huge thanks to Carly. She is Moon Prism Power Guru and I am I hope this covers my acne Girl. Another section we added is Advice. We are going to be offering suggestions in genre's like literature (books we are reading or have read) or like my previous post 5 Things I Learned in 2015. Whatever comes up really, but we do have a lot of posts planned so keep an eye out! We are really excited to share with you all.

My N.Y.E Look

My New Year's Eve look came about in two parts. Part one is the dress. There are a lot of cool shops around Winston-Salem. When adventuring around I found a boutique that carried a huge variety of products. There were a lot of hand made pieces for the home like wine racks and cutting boards, but there was also this huge selection of unique looking clothes. I was immediately drawn to this dress and also a rack full of plaid midi skirts. That shall be for another time.

I immediately laughed at myself when I went for the dress because I felt like I was pulling a dress from any one of my favorite 90's movies. Which is actually sort of accurate because the dress is a thrift-ed vintage dress made by Marian & Maral. There are quite a few of them online for re-sale if you Google the brand. Some of them are going for around $35 or more, but I found this one for $14. I couldn't pass that up. The dark navy shoulders/top third of the dress is velvet and the rest is a stretchy material that I like to call sparkly, stretchy 90's material. No idea what it is, but the dress is super comfy.

I've had it hanging up just looking at it once a week not knowing what to do with it until part two of the outfit came along. After getting home from traveling for Christmas I checked out all of the sales at my favorite brands. Gap was having a huge sale and so were the Gap affiliates (Banana Republic). I saw the silver pointed toe flats with a buckle around the ankle and thought of another outfit idea, soon to come, but then on B.R. I found the striped pants tights. Shimmery blue dress from the 90's plus one pair of stripe tights and one pair of silver pointed toe flats and I was immediately obsessed with the idea. One business day shipping is too expensive. Remind me not to do that again. To be perfectly honest I would make the most perfect addition to this:

All I need now is a black tuxedo jacket and a silver top hat. Can we just agree that N.Y.E outfits are slowly turning New Year's into the second Halloween? I don't see too many people in silver after New Year's. In saying that though, I have to admit that I will be pairing these silver flats with an outfit fairly soon. They can carry on year long right? Silver flats aside, I still want a second Halloween.

The third part of the outfit are the black beret and the long black coat. I love them both and unless the evening feel's like summer too (probably will), then I will be needing them!

I will be carrying some of these pieces over into other outfits and sharing soon. Always make the best of what you've got! I really appreciate all the love that Seamingly has received this year and can't wait for the new contributor posts that you guys will get from visiting the site. Two minds are better then one, just think what three can do.

I hope that you all have an awesome and safe New Year's.

A big THANK YOU to Carly and Liz for coming on board and thanks to you all for reading!

Much love,


***P.S. Song choice is based off the songs I sang in the car the most this year. Hooked On A Feeling was number one, trumping all two thousand and something other songs by landslides.***