Three ways I wear my short-all's

Alright, where do I begin? Hi, I'm Kristen. I swear that I'm not southern. Will you read my blog post on short-alls?

Fashion trends always seem to make their way back around and one of my favorite trends is short-alls. Short-alls are a symbol of childhood glory, the overalls that stopped at shorts. Were you an Olsen twin just because you wore them with your hat backwards? No. Did short-alls make you feel like it anyways? Yes. 

When I realized this trend had made it's way back around I was pretty excited to try it out for round two. I found mine at Desert Rose Apparel (Online). Online shopping is tough because you don't know how the clothes will fit or how quickly they will disintegrate, but I stand by these whole heartedly. They are quality all around. I can tell this love affair will last ... because this denim will.  Plus, they are short-alls. They have adjustable straps. 

Here are three different ways I have been wearing my short-alls:

1. My overall* preference here is comfort. I paired them with a plain white v-neck and green cardigan from Forever 21. Buying the simple pieces from Forever 21 is great. They're very reasonably priced. The shoes I have on are Franco Sarto sandals that I found at T.J. Maxx. I like my sandals flat, simple, and strap-y. Lastly, I'm simply not big on accessories. My only accessory here is my Anne Klein, Diamond watch. I found it on sale at Belk's for around $45.00. I'm emotionally attached. If you knew how often I wear it, you would say I'm physically attached to it also. 

2. To fulfill my slightly edgier side and to beat the heat, my next combination includes an acid washed tank crop top. This top is also from Desert Rose Apparel. I really, really like them. I paired this outfit with Vans. Regardless of the fact that I never-even came close to being a female Tony Hawk, I still kept wearing Vans. 

3. This style in particular brings fall to mind and maybe the 90's. Fall isn't too far so I'm doing it. The striped sweater is Banana Republic. I bought it at a thrift store for maybe $5. Thats just how I prefer to do things. See, the way my bank account is set up.... ya know. Next are my Minnetonka Moccasins. I bought these brand new from T.J. Maxx many moons ago and they're still kicking. 

These are just three different ways that I have been wearing my short-alls. The possibilities are endless. They are a pretty cool piece to add your own personal touch to. Do what makes you happy. 

May nostalgia be forever in your favor,




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