Socks > Deodorant

I am Elizabeth Kabakjian. 
Before I start, I would first like to say how honored it is to have been invited by Kristen to be a part of Seamingly. This is my first post on the blog and really, for any blog, and I can say that I'm quite positively anxious to see how this goes.
This is a portrait of myself that was photographed by Kristen Bryant; just last week as I was standing on the street outside of where I live.  All summer long, the most of what I wear over and over again are t-shirts and shorts, occasionally I switch it up but 85% of the time this is how you'll see me dressed.
The 'center piece' of this days outfit is my knee high yellow socks, which by center piece I just mean the main attraction.  As I post more you will begin to lean on my sock obsession. 
With my red high top Converse, I always pair with them some socks that will be seen; hence my sock obsession. Sooner or later, I will have collected all the different color combinations of this specific pair of socks. I got them at American Apparel (one of my all-time favorite American clothing lines), and since they aren't the cheapest, I have to buy little at a time.
Along with these socks, I would like to introduce and acknowledge this Led Zeppelin t-shirt; which is not in fact my own but, definitely still a favorite. Very soft cotton, loose and comfy, the way it falls off my shoulders and the loose neckline; it's just the perfect "Tee".
Last but not least, is my black denim Levi's Shorty Shorts. Although they are the least amount of clothing noticeable in this outfit (covered up mostly by the t-shirt) they matter to this outfit just as much as the rest. I found this pair of Levi's Shorty Shorts and I frayed the bottom hems of the shorts to add a more edgy and original feel.
I wear these more than I wear deodorant.