Tis' a Midi

Tis' my #ootd.

To start, let me say, I like quality brands, or, brands that offer quality products. Who doesn't? One of my favorite brands that create quality clothes is French Connection. I think I originally discovered French Connection at a Marshall's. The piece that I found was a really awesome turtle neck that was thick and comfy. It was perfect for all of winter and the color was easy to pair. In my realization that I should look at the brand of that awesome turtle neck. Voila, French Connection. I looked at their site and noticed that they weren't currently in my price range. Their clothes do not start cheap. However, I kept an eye out and was lucky enough to look at their site when they had 60% off a lot of items. It felt like Christmas. A lot of items were finally in a more T.J. Maxx price range. That is more like it. 

One of the awesome pieces I found on sale this time, a black midi skirt. The skirt literally looked at me and said, "Hey, hey, you can wear me with anything." YEAH, that is how it happened... I finally wore it today. Perfectly comfortable and really amazing quality. In fact when I held it for the first time I realized I had found a vintage midi skirt just like it, that was navy, but didn't fit. It was really nice. I can tell that I will be able to wear this to the office or wherever I please for quite a while. Which is always my goal. There are some pieces that will never really be, "out of style." Plus, if you like it, that is all that matters. What is most exciting about this skirt is seeing what all I can pair it with. That is my other favorite part. The part where I get so comfortable with the skirt that the pieces I pair it with just get weirder and weirder and weirder and, etc.

This time around I paired it with my Nine West sandals and a long sleeve Express shirt. The shirt has had a long life. I carry a Madewell bag nearly every day (shown in the images). One good bag per year or so. I try to keep that at my rule. The yellow watch was just because I felt like it. I actually bought it as a set, so there are multiple bands for the one watch face. I went into Aldo's to get a new pair of sandals last year and saw they had a watch with multiple bands for $15.00. So, I somehow left with that watch and band set instead. I would say that it has worked out well. Nothing wrong with looking like you have a watch collection that is literally one watch, right?

"Never look back and never give up." Haim, the band.